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SocialActions by sylvng

Many sources have been haralding the dawn of micro-philanthrophy as the new era in fundraising for some time now.  And here at Charity CHAMPs we’re extremely excited to become a part of it all.  It seems no matter where you surf these days there are new, interesting ways to do good – keeping on top of it all is going to be quite the challenge! So if know of sites or ideas that you find cool – please send them along our way!

In the meantime we’d like to feature the ones we find out about here on this blog. So here’s one for you to chew on for today: SocialActions. “You make a difference, we make it easy”.  This site allows you to share and find opportunities to make a difference on any website, blog or social network. They have over 20k “actions” that you can be involved with, and they’re all easy things for you to do. I did a quick search for “poverty” and found actions such as supporting the global poverty act, making a donation to the women’s funding act, and asking politicians about poverty. Check it out!

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Thanks for spreading the word about Social Actions! Check out our active online community, too, at 🙂

Christine Egger
Founding Team Member
Social Actions

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