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Colours for a Cause by sylvng

Most of the micro-philanthropy sites that we’ve featured so far on this blog are run by non-profits or charities, or regular people with a kind heart. Today I thought we’d feature something different – a campaign run by for-profit that nonetheless captures the spirit of micro-philanthropy.

Colours for a Cause is a campaign being run by Nestlé Canada in association with the Smarties brand. If you download the Facebook application, you can make votes towards your favourite causes, and for each vote that you make, Nestlé will dontate 10 cents toward the cause of your choosing.  Each Smartie colour stands for a different cause, so it’s easy to see the causes that users most care about just by scanning the colours of the pie. Quite novel!

It’s obvious that more and more companies are trying to be socially responsible as shareholders and the general public increasingly demand for green, fair trade, or equitable products and services.  As the line between “doing good to make money” and “doing good to be good” blurs, I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot more micro-philanthropy being supported by corporations.

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