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One Acre Fund by sylvng

One great thing about running Charity CHAMPs is that everybody I talk to sends me a bit of info about the micro-philanthropy space. It’s great to know that so many people are interested, if not already involved! A friend of mine knows a bunch of the people who run the One Arcre Fund, so I thought I’d feature that organization for today.

The Fund is based in Chicago and manages micro-lending to improvished farmers in East-Africa. An investment of $240 (or $20 a month) supports one family of 5. What’s great about this charity is that they have values that I strongly believe in, and hope to support through Charity CHAMPS:

  1. We don’t give handouts
  2. We provide a solution that is realistic to the extreme poor
  3. We must dream big
  4. We must remain 100% accountable

If you go to their About Us page they have some great reports on not just past performance, but future goals as well, which I don’t see published too often by charities (unless they are fundraising goals).  Check them out and let me know what you think!

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