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Gifts that count or gifts not wanted? by sylvng

Over the years I’ve heard of more and more people receiving or giving gifts that are philanthropy related. One of my friends who’s having a housewarming party in April is asking that guests donate towards the World Wildlife Fund; my company Holiday gift last year was from the World Of Good and this year was a donation; and even at weddings now it seems very common to get a party favor that’s related to charity.

But lately it seems that the ideas are getting more creative and micro-philanthropy related. My aunt this past Christmas sent me an e-card that donates one dollar towards rainforest conservation for each person that views the card, and I liked the idea so much that I also used it to send to my friends (the card is offered by care2). Another friend of mine recently got a gift certificate from Kiva (a person-to-person micro-lending site). To me this is awesome stuff, but I often wonder how these gifts are received on the other end. I certainly have co-workers who would have rather had a real gift than a donation as a Holiday gift.  It’ll be interesting to see how this gift culture takes on (or not) – Kiva at least has a whole online store of gifts and specialty items.

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