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Giving in this recession by sylvng

For the most part the experts seem agreed that philanthropy is a recession-proof business. An article in the Economist cites how there has only been one year in the last forty years (1987) during which total giving in America has fallen, despite there having been several recessions during the same time period. The other day Karen Jones, the editor of Citywealth (a wealth management and philanthropy newsletter) posted a discussion on LinkedIn regarding how large donations may be on hold as people wait to see how the recession unfolds, BUT small donations are actually up because people believe that others must be harder hit by the economy than themselves.

This is very welcoming news to me. Being on the board of two non-profits myself (Charity CHAMPS not included),  I would definitely say that the recession has made fundraising tough, but that’s not to say it’s a lost cause. What I now believe is that 1) money is out there, but you have to work harder to get it and 2) more than ever micro-fundraising is the way to go.  The 2 organizations I’m part of fundraise for the most part in very traditional methods, and depend on very large gifts.  It’ll be interesting to see if shifting the model a bit towards a larger amount of smaller gifts does any good.

As for Charity CHAMPS, my hope is that our launch will be well-timed with these macro-economic changes and that we’ll be able to contribute to boosting overall giving, even in tough times.

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