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How to find volunteers in Toronto by sylvng
March 29, 2009, 3:22 pm
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I’ve been involved with a lot of non-profits to date, from the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference (CUTC) to Wired Woman, and now Charity CHAMPS. Through all this involvement I have seen how running non-profits is all about getting good people on board (which is the case with running any organization), but finding volunteers is always a particular challenge. People volunteer for different reasons, and if the position you’re looking to fill is a more permanent one that requires something other than rote grunt work, my advice would be to find out what the candidate’s motivations are during an interview. But I digress – this post is about where to post for volunteers; I’ll have to write about volunteer motivation another time.

To find volunteers, I think word of mouth is still the best way to go, or even using MSN, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn statuses to let people know that you’re looking. But when that fails, I’ve found CharityVillage to be a very reliable source of volunteers. Postings are free for non-profits / charities, and although the site itself can use a face-lift, it works great. As the volunteer services lead for Wired Woman I almost exclusively used CharityVillage, and never had to branch out to find talent. For Charity CHAMPS I’ve branched out and posted on Craigslist and Kijiji but have yet to get a response from either site. I’ve also posted on Idealist, but I think the site’s users are mainly American and so still CharityVillage remains the best option for finding volunteers in Toronto.

Another site that’s come to my attention lately is StudentJobLink. It’s a new site and team has been very eager in trying to help Charity CHAMPS get volunteers. Of course, there’s always local events, like Timeraiser, which can be great for finding volunteers as well, but it’s tough if you’re looking for something more immediate since event only happens once a year.

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