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Does microphilanthropy work? by sylvng

For those of you who doubt that microphilanthropy works, especially in the context of online social media, here are some things for you to consider:

  • Microphilanthropy is transformational.  It touches more people and therefore increases the value of good done with a network effect. See Munnecke and Ion’s paper on this.
  • Although the microphilanthropy market is still small (less than 1% of total philanthropy),  it’s growing at a phenomenal rate  according to Gabriel Kasper of the Monitor Institute. Some of the larger microphilanthropy sites are growing at 100% year over year!
  • Social media is having a massive societal impact and changing the whole landscape of philanthropy. Our next generation of leaders, the net generation, is all about making a difference through online interactions. Read CauseWired or Grown Up Digital.
  • There are lots of organizations already doing amazing things by aggregating a large amount of small actions / donations. Look at the organization list compiled here.
  • Although the debate on the effectiveness of micro-credit continues in full-force, nobody can belittle the number of dollars that micro-lending organizations have injected into the hands of the less fortunate. According to Kivalytics, Kiva alone has lent over $65M to date to people in need.

Still not convinced? Give me a shout. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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