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Facebook Causes, Swedish Underwear Models, and Beer by sylvng

One can aruge that Facebook Causes encapsulates the very essence of using social media for microphilanthropy. The whole application is really just about two things – supporting causes, and spreading the word about causes. If you’re on Facebook, I encourage you to check it out.  There are 9 categories of causes to choose from, and once you’ve picked, you can feature your favourite causes on your profile and send updates directly to your status to spread the word.

Once thing that’s neat about the application is that it allows you to see what the most popular causes are. For Charity CHAMPS or any other non-profits out there I think this could be a very useful market research tool. Not only does it tell you what people care about, it tells you WHY, if you care to read into the supporting wall posts.  Right now the top cause is the Race to End Cancer, followed closely by Supporting the O Campaign for Cancer Prevention.  The first has had $49k in donations already, and the second, $85k. Not bad for micro-donations!

If you can’t find your cause on there, you can create it, and that feature adds a very humourous aspect to an otherwise serious application. Because right between Saving Darfur and Stop Child Pornography is the Foundation for the protection of Swedish underwear models. Not to mention over 3 pages of beer causes. I’m sure that no matter what your cause is, you’ll find it. Now to see if the beer and models ever hit the top causes chart.

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It certainly is effective – it just depends on how you’re looking at it – The Causes application isn’t offering you a magical portal to an untapped fundraising goldmine…and neither is any other online or social media application…It’s the creation and cultivation of opt-in communities of individuals that share a vision, or more specifically, are stakeholders in an organization’s mission. In fact, donations received isn’t the best way of measuring performance on Causes.

Comment by Lateef

Definitely agree, Lateef – I personally believe that the ROI of social media lies more with long term social engagement than short term donated dollars. Thanks for the valuable input.

Comment by sylvng

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