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Ripple & Rypple and the case for micro-actions by sylvng
April 21, 2009, 2:36 pm
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Social media is all about capitalizing on a network effect to make an impact, so it seems appropriate to use a water ripple as an analogy for the concept. Not surprisingly then, there are organizations incorporated using the name ripple. One is, a click to donate site, and another is, a site where you can solicit and receive feedback.

One of the co-founders of Rypple is Dan Debow, who I worked with several years ago. In talking to him about the premise of Rypple (you can read more at the Economist), I realized that what his organization is trying to do isn’t so different from many of the microphilanthropy sites that I’ve talked about on this blog. The fact is, smaller more frequent actions increases engagement, or a least is an indicator of increased engagement. I would much rather receive feedback from my boss weekly than once a year. And if I had $5 to donate online, donating $1 five times instead of donating $5 once means I’m engaging with the charity website five times as much, so I’m more likely to read updated news, or interact with others involved with the charity. Sure there’s increased transaction costs, but you can argue that the increased engagement more than makes up for it. I just stumbled upon today, and instantly loved it. It’s one of the simplest and clearest click-to-donate sites I’ve seen so far, in that you know up front exactly what each click will do. Each click gives 6 days of access to clean water, or 2 days of access to education, etc. You can’t miss where to click either, which is key, because I’ve been to tons of sites where you can’t tell whether you’ve made the click that counts or not.

So Ripple (or Rypple) away – both sites are still in Beta so try it out and give the founders some feedback.

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