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Not inspired? Join a community of action! by sylvng

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that Charity CHAMPS’ mission is to encourage microphilanthropy (I’m almost sounding like a broken record with this line, but hey, a mission should be communicated, right?). As our great team of volunteer graphic artists are working on the beta site, we’ve been brainstorming the micro-actions we want to focus on encouraging. So far our thoughts have revolved around very concrete things: micro-donations, micro-lending, click-to-donate, etc. But there’s a whole slew of actions that aren’t as concrete, such as educating yourself on an issue, or joining a community of activists. These actions don’t bring a direct charitable return, but are arguably just as important as concrete ones. Most importantly, it’s these actions that get you to give more of yourself to the community; it’s through consuming media, participating in chats, and reading blogs and Twitter feeds that you get INSPIRED.

There are a lot of communities out there that gather people around specific causes so that discussions, knowledge sharing, and mutual support can happen. Some examples:

  • WiserEarth: online community that gathers people around specific issues like global warming and poverty.  You can create and join groups, and gain visibility for the work that you’re doing. And of course, you can network and share ideas with others of similar interests.
  • Cagora: an “alternative to search engines and social networks”, where you get to create content and profit from it as any web author would on their own site through ads. What’s different about Cagora is that you can put the money towards your causes, the main point of the site being to pursue your hobbies and interests while doing good. The content created by individuals become “interest worlds” where passer-bys can land to find products, information, and services on a particular subject.
  • Amazee: “empowers individuals and organizations to initiate and promote their ideas and plans in projects, to find like-minded people and raise funds”; tools supplied by the website to help a project succeed include polls, calendars, and event planning modules. All the content created around a project can easily be published to an iPhone or Facebook using Amazee’s interface.
  • Ammado: a community that brings together nonprofits and people who care. Upload photos and videos, support your favourite non-profits through donations, and help spread the word on the causes you care about.

That’s just a few that I’ve been to, and there are a lot more. Like real world communities each online community has a different flavour and have different demographics of people in it. I would suggest that you shop around and see which ones you like the most. And the next time you feel blah about your day-to-day activities, just log-on! When you see all the good going on you’re bound to feel bubbly, and hopefully it will get you jumping into some new exciting project.

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Thank you for the mention of WiserEarth. We encourage people to check out our <a href=””
existing groups or start a new one

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