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Do some good, win a mansion by sylvng
May 17, 2009, 3:33 pm
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I’m always on the look out for cool microphilanthropy models, and just yesterday I came across one that does something very novel. It sells mansions, advertises charities, and fundraises all at the same time. It’s called Raffle Mansion, and here’s how it works. Mansion owners give a price for mansions that they’d like to sell.  A charity can then browse through a catalog of the mansions, and pick one to sponsor in a raffle event. A public online raffle then takes place. If enough money is raised to cover the cost of the mansion and profit for the charity, then the charity buys the mansion from the owner, and gives it to the raffle winner. If not, then the raffle is turned into a 50/50 draw, where all the raffle money is split into 2, half going to the mansion owner, and the other half going to the charity. Regardless, a successful fundraiser takes place for the charity at no cost. Raffle Mansion handles all the advertising for the event, paid for by the mansion owner, who gets to 1) do some good, 2) use Raffle Mansion’s photo and video services, and 3) have a guaranteed minimum sale price.

The cool part about Raffle Mansion for people like me is that I can purchase a raffle ticket for as low as $10 and get a chance to win some amazing properties, from beach houses in Florida to dream homes off the coast of Spain. Look at some of these photos – they’re irresistible! So if you’re looking to give to charity in a different sort of way, check out Raffle Mansion. If exotic places aren’t your thing they also have regular houses up for the taking.

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According to a spokesperson for the charity listed for this raffle, Nothing But Nets has received NO money from this outfit, even though, supposedly, one draw has already been held. This same site,, previously showed a house that did not exist with a charity that did not exist and claimed that they raised over $1 million for the nonexistent charity.

Comment by buster

That’s unfortunate, buster. I think this is indeed an interesting model but it can so easily be mishandled. That having been said, non-profits have benefited immensely from the smattering of recent raffles in California. I bought a ticket to the current one being held in San Francisco @, and another one in San Diego has been a wild success.

Is “Raffle Mansion” an actual company, or just a website, or what?

Comment by Don V

Nothing But Nets has not received any money from Raffle Mansion Charity Promotions, LLC. We are not actually hosting this event, but we do allow verified raffles on our website. However, Nothing But Nets has received a Very Large Donation from Doctor George Scott of Scott’s Hotels who is actually conducting the contest!

Also our business is composed of licensed attorneys & real-estate brokers to ensure that everything we do is completely within the limitations of the law. Our objective is to help non-profit organizations survive in the current state of the economy, and even help small charitys expand their initiatives. We are even featured in a cover story in Barron’s Magazine (Wall Street Journal) This Week! View the story here:

Unfortunately, “buster” does not really know what they are talking about.

View Doctor George Scott’s raffle (Who owns a hotel chain in Europe called Scotts Hotels for over 20 YEARS) at:

View Scott’s Hotels Website at:

Comment by Raffle Mansion

Raffle Mansion your latest comment shows a real lack of respect for “buster”‘s very valid point. This is a charity blog after all.

How do you know George Scott actually did give away a “Very Large Donation” to Nothing But Nets?? Did he send you details of this donation, or are you going on his words? Did you check with Nothing But Nets to confirm this statement?

Seems to me this raffle has nothing to do with raising money for charity: it is a money-making scheme for the organisers who are ‘donating’ a portion to charity. If you compare how much they could donate by selling tickets compared to pure charity raffles, I’m sure the % is far lower.

The fact your comment is stuffed with links to Scott’s Hotels sites suggests Raffle Mansion are run by the same people!!

Comment by busted

I just wonder if this “raffle” will ever take place since it has been going on for nearly 4 years now with only one “winner” back in March
2008! And, winners don’t even take possession until ALL houses are raffled! It is anyone’s guess as to when that will be. Nice income funnel for the organizers in the mean time! Here is a bullet point taken from the rules on the voucher purchase page:
((((Winners will be given legal possession of the properties upon the conclusion of the ten draws)))So, one house in 3+ years…9 more to go before taking possession? Good luck if it ever happens!

Also, it is very difficult to find “dates” on any of the material on Scott’s Hotel websites and lots of testimonials from magazines are well over 5 years old and no longer valid. (according to authors of testimonials I wrote to).

Another VERY IMPORTANT issue, has ANYONE EVER received money back on loans or for being part of their “Bondholders Club’ or other investment/money deals mentioned in their newsletters? They are supposedly “secured” by million dollar properties and George Scott has often asked for money in those newsletters. He is very persuasive in his promises of “opportunities” to invest etc. Has anyone ever gotten their money back from him? Here is a link to one of newsletters that get people to loan or invest money. (there are many more if you have time to read through!):

Is there any accountability or oversight in this organization? The newsletters are sporadic these days. So who knows what is going on.
The “donation to a charity” aspect is a psychological trick that makes organizations look respectable and trustworthy…George Scott seems to be all about winning trust in order to get your money, and some of those “loan/investment opportunties” are thousands of euros.

By the way, this raffle has been dropped from the win a house site in the UK because of complaints. Beware.

Comment by Time4Truth

Please share experiences with George Scott, Scott’s raffle in Mallorca and Raffle Mansion at

Comment by Anonymous

Please share experiences of George Scott, Scott Hotels raffle in Mallorca and Raffle Mansion,

Comment by Time4Truth

Looks like a really spammy site to me… Language very similar to aggressive affiliate marketing sites you come across thru google ads.. don’t know much about this but smells fishy to me

Comment by Jo

If it looks and smells like a scam… Stay away

I’ve seen this kind of site before, there’s only one winner – the organiser!

And the tickets don’t come cheap do they… wow

Comment by Derek

I’m one of many Dr.George Scott victems…
It begins with me buying a raffle ticket from him…
Then he asked for 10K EUR 4+ years ago! as a loan, promised 7% interest for ONE year…AND since then all I got from him is words,words,sad stories and more words.
I’m sure that my money is stolen & lost with this soft talking web scamer.
An expensive lesson!
I’m looking for other “Bondholders” who are in my position to see if and how we can act to stop this man and maybe just maybe get some of our money back.
Please contact me at if you know any.

Comment by Bondholder

I have contacted as a fellow bondholder to join forces in getting money back from George Scott in Mallorca. Mr. Scott is proprietor of Scott Hotels and refuses to honor agreements to pay back loans now accounting to over 35,OOO Euros. ANYONE ELSE? We hope bondholders will come forward so we can determine just HOW MUCH money Mr. Scott has taken from his victims. Spread the word.

Comment by Time4Truth

I know this character George Scott quite well. I knew from the start that this whole raffle scam was just to pay his bills. I told people when it started not to get involved, but noone believed me then.
George Scott is a con artist and manipulator, as is his wife Judy. DON´T GO NEAR THESE TWO!!!

Comment by Camila

Would any bondholders email me directly please?

There is a court case pending, I may be able to assist. Address is mikegunnill@macDOTcom

thank you

Comment by Press Boy

Just referred to this site by someone who knows that I’ve stayed at Scott’s Hotel — both of them, actually — several times. None of this jibes with the George Scott I know. I bought two hotel voucher/raffle tickets several years ago, but it became clear that the Scotts, with all their good intentions, couldn’t compete with all the scams. So the scheme has been suspended, pending a payback to the ticket purchasers. I used one of the vouchers when I stayed at the hotel and got my money taken off my bill. When I asked for cash back for the other ticket, I was given it immediately, with no questions. I don’t know anything about loans or bonds, but after knowing the Scotts for fifteen years, I’m absolutely sure they are completely straight people. They ran a respected charity for a long time and I don’t think they ever took money to do that. I also have seen how they live, which is frugally, right down to their cars, which are clapped out wrecks. And George teaches meditation and acupressure therapy and Judy counsels arthritis sufferers. I’m sorry, but I just can’t buy into a lot of what has been written up above. Sincerely, Sena

Comment by Sena

My friend Sena asked me to make this comment. I am a Scott’s bondholder. I invested £10,000 in a Scott’s bond seven years ago. Since then I have had six free holidays, wonderful holidays, worth £1,200 each, a total of £7,200 not including the three free upgrades to accommodation worth considerably more. I have also received a payment of £2,500 on account. In one sense I am ahead of the game even if I never see another penny. But that’s not the point. No investment is perfectly safe, even government bonds. Companies, banks, and governments can and do go under. Ask the people who invested in Iceland. I know the Scotts are in financial trouble and are trying to hold vicious bank wolves at bay, but their problems are less to do with them than with the crisis at large. Even if I never get any more money back — George is fighting an inoperable cancer — I would still know that they are honest people to whom bad things have happened and I wouldn’t resent them for any loss. Actually, I don’t feel I’ve lost anything, and am happy to have got to know them. So forget Raffle Mansion, which is nothing to do with the Scotts, and don’t pay attention to the scandalmongers, or nasty comments from nasty little people who just like to throw stones at those who try to do new things for good causes. Write me at if you want to know the honest truth about some kind and honest people caught in unhappy circumstances, which is what the Scotts are. If George can manage to sell the hotels, I know I’ll get the rest of my money back with interest. But if they fall victim to the wolves, bless them anyway. Marlene

Comment by Marlene

Obviously, the last 2 comments were made by George and Judy Scott themselves.
One can also find George defending the drawbacks of his properties on TRIPADVISOR.
It is all a scam, I repeat, a SCAM to steal money from innocent believers.

Comment by camilla

Camilla is correct, two comments from George Scott. Indeed a ploy he and his wife use to boost/reply to comments on TripAdvisor.
A court hearing is planned in the next few weeks, so it looks like Mr&Mrs Scott will at least have to start and provide answers to a judge.
Even now Scott is appealing for funds to invest in his hotel. I understand Scott’s Hotel is no longer his or under his control although the web sites are still up and running.

A group of thirty five people can not be wrong, they all support legal actions against George Scott.

Comment by Jason Patrick

I don’t know who this person “Camilla” is, but she is clearly a few eggs short of a dozen. I wrote as a Scott’s bondholder to express my opinion, based on personal knowledge of the Scotts, and to tell people how well I have been treated by them. I believe them to be honest and upright people, and no one has shown me otherwise. They had a house raffle project that didn’t go well in the end, but if you go to the website — — you can see that they are offering ticket holders their money back, and have done so for about the last year. Is this the action of a pair of scam artists? As my teen age daughter would say — puhleeeze!

So I think this person Camilla is bitter and twisted and is fronting for someone else with another agenda, or the kindest thing I can say is that she has a screw loose and isn’t mentally responsible for her slanderous accusations. Really rather pitiful.

Just my opinion, of course.


Comment by Marlene

Hmmm. I think the newest comment by “Jason Patrick” was actually written by Camilla. This so-called lawsuit has been going on for the last year, always to take place “in a few weeks”. But it never seems to happen. Dr Scott told me it’s one woman (not 35 people) and it hasn’t come to court because the judge doesn’t take it seriously. But then I can only tell people the truth about my own experience with the Scotts, great people running two great hotels. I’m going to stop now because it’s silly to carry on answering the truth to people who don’t want to hear the truth.


Comment by Marlene


Jason Patrick is……Jason Patrick and no one else.

One woman is leading the action and there will be a hearing in Palma before a judge. It has been moved from Inca to the capital for that reason, to place the case before a more senior judge. The action is backed by a further 35 bondholders+investors.

Law actions do move slowly in Spain, but they do move forward as this one is. With regard your comment ” running two hotels ” this is now just one hotel. I hope you knew that! Scott’s Hotel is no longer under the control of George & Judy Scott.

Answering the truth you say: Truth is what you believe it to be, of course. Except some don’t accept everything at face value as you appear to have done. Some seek and find “details” for themselves.

I have faith in the legal system and it is time a great many people had answers from the ” great people running two great hotels.”

Jason Patrick
( and yes I have checked again ).

Comment by Jason Patrick

I think the truth will out. I just hope I get some of my money back from the Scott’s.

Peter McDonald
Paris. France.

Comment by Peter McDonald

Look, people, I really have no ax to grind. I just have described my own experience with the Scotts, and I flatly don’t believe some of the allegations here. I’m with Mr McDonald — the truth will come out in due course.

I have only said that I have a corporate bond with Scott’s Hotel and I was paid some of my money back when they had some income. And the hotel is for sale and I expect to get the rest of it back when it sells. I know the Scotts both have suffered from severe health problems, but George keeps in touch with us bondholders in between bouts of chemotherapy.

And I got my money back on my hotel vouchers, no questions asked. Their website also offers the money back.

Why would people who devoted half their lives to charities suddenly turn into scam artists. It just doesn’t compute with me.

He has also told about the woman who is suing because her bond repayment is late, but since there were, as far as I know, only 25 of us bondholders, and I know of four or five others who are firm supporters of the Scotts, I can’t take seriously that 35 people are joining in a lawsuit.

But as Mr McDonald says, we’ll all find out in the future, but I’m disturbed to see such aggessive and ignorant comments made against people who have always treated me well, and who ran wonderful hotels for many years.

I think this will be my last word on the subject.


Comment by Marlene

Well George Scott was arrested and detained by local police in Palma. Certain items have now been taken and the court will take further actions against George Scott his partner Judy and daughter Chelsea. George Scott is out on police bail but can not leave the island a further hearing in Inca or the capital is expected shortly.

At last local police appear to be looking after the interests of Scott investors and Scott raffle ticket holders. If Marlene was not aware of this, I would be very surprised. I hope you are now taking this matter ” seriously ” and there is no aggressive comments from me – I just wish even at this late stage, that the truth be told about Scott’s Hotel.

Comment by Peter McDonald

Well done! One thing is obvious to anyone reading this:

George Scott = Marlene = Sena = disgraceful scam artist.

How can someone use charity and cancer as tools to put psychological pressure on their victims? Someone that age and with what appears to be decent education should really know better.

Appalling behaviour, deserves to be covered by the BBC, the The Sun or something! People need to be warned about this type of horrible scam. I don’t know how you can sleep at night Mr Scott.

Good luck people, justice will prevail!

Comment by Richard

Force him to sell all his properties, pay back banks after scam victims. Then put him in jail – it really doesn’t matter that’s he’s old, he’s behaving like a criminal and society needs to be protected from people like this.

Comment by Angry

The action is going through the courts now in Palma. It will be slow. Bondholders & ticket purchases now grouping together to fight George Scott in one class action. Mr Scott is aware of this, despite what he may say, under his many names. Some of which appear here.

He is still trying to raise funds, so beware. Scott’s Hotel is no longer under his control and Galilea is still owned by the bank. Lease payments by George Scott are behind, so this may not be run by his family for much longer.

Several sites still taking bookings for Scott’s Hotel however – not sure what is happening here.

Comment by Peter McDonald.

Great news, sounds like they should rot in jail I’ve checked out a few of the websites you mention what a pity people can behave in such a despicable way. Good luck to all the bondholders and ticket holders I pray you get your money back soon.

Comment by carly

George Scott is due to be rearrested along with his wife and a daughter. In addition they are due to be asked about land next to the Galilea hotel site. Now the courts in Palma are working again after the August break Scott is expected to appear again. Police have traced various bank accounts linked to Scott including one in the United Kingdom.

If you have any details, please post them here. They do give some of use a great deal of hope of getting our money back.

Comment by Peter McDonald.

Does anyone have any update on what happened to this story? I really hope it gets picked up by the press and they expose this scam for all to see! Horrible especially in these times of need.

Comment by Sad

My goodness, I never knew I was such a terrible person! A friend just put me onto this blog, so I’m reading it for the first time and with constantly elevating eyebrows. Who are all these enemies, and what did I ever do to them? Seriously, I don’t know any of these folk to whom I have apparently done injury.

But thank you for your spirited defense, Serena and Marlene, real people I do know. As far as I can tell, the rest of these people are using fake names. I wonder why. That is, unless they are pseudonyms for my three real enemies, the people who are convinced I’m some kind of scam artist. (Hey! Where’s my yacht? I thought there were supposed to be rewards in running a scam.)

So a few facts are in order. Yes, there is a court case, and just as someone is suing me, I am countersuing him. A Mexican stand-off. We’ve also put in an official complaint to the Spanish Law Society regarding some of his lawyer’s actions.

And all the guff about the police, and an arrest, is just that — pure guff. In fact, part of my countersuit involves the kind of thing that’s going on here — slander, libel, defamation.

They say that nobody gets through life without treading on a few toes, and those who do new things are even more likely to make waves. We had a really nifty idea regarding a charity event — one where the charity, the participants, and we all came out ahead, but in the end it foundered on the rocks of bureaucratic government registrations. So we closed it down, people got their money back, or are getting it back, or got free nights in our hotels. End of story.

As for the other subject, it’s some corporate bonds issued by one of our companies, some of which have been paid back, three of which are subject to a civil court case, not a criminal one.

This blog seems to have attracted a few people who just love to moan, find fault, buy into conspiracy theories, and pull other people down. Too much time on their hands, I’d say.

Ah well, life’s too short to take silly little twerps like them seriously.

Signing off — and my last word on the subject.


Comment by George Scott

The usual garbage and lies from George Scott… At least nice to welcome you in person here rather than having to read lies signed off by ‘Serena’ and ‘Marlene’.

I wonder if in your little world you’re justified to behave like you do. Perhaps you think you’ve done no wrong.

In the meantime you owe money from decent hard-working people with no intention whatsoever of paying them back or ever running a raffle. No, you’d rather drag things as long as possible in court, waste everyone’s time in the hope that problems will just fizzle away.

Why would someone run a ‘charity’ raffle on properties they are a) trying to sell the equity for, simultaneously b) selling corporate bonds on the back of and c) most likely borrowed money from the banks to finance? How do the maths stack up?

Answer: to salvage a desperate financial situation from getting even worse. In other words, how to make money from the same properties 3x all in the guise of raising money for charity.

Let me guess. The charity hasn’t heard from you for years, perhaps never. You’ve pocketed the money as ‘admin fees’ and now people have to chase you to get their money back. What an honest man you are, Mr Scott.

Let me enlighten you. Scam artists don’t necessarily own luxury boats. They do however sponge off other people to live beyond their means. They are often driven by desperation with the scam getting bigger and bigger out of their control. Ever heard of a certain Mr Madoff?

Hotels not been running at full capacity lately? Debts on your numerous properties you can’t pay off? A little extra cash would come in handy wouldn’t it! Let’s not pretend you don’t know what everyone is saying here.

“… in the end it foundered on the rocks of bureaucratic government registrations.” Complete nonsense. It closed down because you had been running this thing for years without ever giving away a prize and people started asking for their money. The whole concept was flawed except for you in terms of making extra money on the side.

And please don’t talk about that couple that magically won a house at the start of the raffle. I think we all know it wouldn’t be too difficult tracing them to you and finding out who actually owns the said property.

“So we closed it down, people got their money back, or are getting it back, or got free nights in our hotels. End of story. ” Really? How many people got their money back and how many actually used a free night in your hotels?

Think about it: you want your money back after chasing it for months because you realise you got conned and the raffle will never take place. Instead, you’re offered an overpriced voucher to a hotel in a different country? So does that mean to claim my money back I need to pay for a ticket to Mallorca and spend my holidays there? Sounds like a great deal!

“Or are getting it back” – that’s about right, maybe they’ll be getting it back sometime in 2020? Now tell us again you haven’t already spent that money you owe those people?

“… one of our companies, some of which have been paid back, three of which are subject to a civil court case, not a criminal one. ” Where’s the money Mr Scott? Why are people having to take you to court to get what is rightfully theirs? Does a corporate bond not carry a maturity date, which implies redemption for the holders? Don’t bonds yield interest as well?

Your stories would be laughable if the ‘investors’ weren’t individuals with their personal savings at risk.

But then again, Mr Scott, your scams would never work with institutions, would they, that’s the whole point: you need to target vulnerable individuals. I just wonder how long you’ve been at this kind of thing and when you became the slime ball you are today.

Good luck Mr Scott, I very much hope to read about you in the papers when the judges rule against you!

Surprised by what you’re reading here? Perhaps if you took a long look in the mirror you’d understand.

Comment by Pathetic

The last poster, really does tell the story ” as it is ” not as Mr Scott would like people to believe it is. I think to be “fair” George Scott has spun so many half truths & stories, be really believes them himself.

The court moves slowly on Mallorca, especially during the summer months however George & Judy Scott are due to appear in Palma shortly to answer further charges. This after a great deal of time has been spent pulling the whole saga together. This is the start of the end, I am not sure how long proceedings will take but at the very least the “word” is out in Mallorca.

Comment by Peter McDonald

Want to make some spare cash? Follow these 7 simple steps:

1) Buy a few properties in a sunny location. Make sure the local banks lend you as much money as possible.

2) Run hotels and pray to God property prices increase.

3) Set up a complicated house raffle, making sure to highlight how it will benefit charity. Set the end date as far in the future as possible and run everything from a company based in another country if possible.

4) For extra credibility and to get people off your back, put up a photo of some winners for one property.

5) Contact the people that happened to buy a raffle ticket or visit the hotel. Sell them a corporate bond promising high interest and guaranteed repayment. Yeah!

6) Set up a website to sell the properties to someone else. Forget to mention any of this to the charity, banks, raffle ticket and corporate bond holders – why would “silly little twerps like them” care, right?

7) Let everything brew for a few years and serve when ready.

Sound familiar to anyone?

Comment by daisy

I just stumbled on this blog and didn’t quite understand what people were complaining about here… reading daisy’s last post all the pieces come together, wow what a story! I wish all the people who lost their money the very best of luck…

Comment by liz

Simple fact. In 2007 I loaned George Scott 25,000 Euros to be paid back in one year or 18 months max. It is now almost 2012. Not one Euro repaid. This has really been a setback in my life. What would you do?

Think about the flippant remarks by Mr. Scott himself in his above post. Name calling and trivializing this travesty. As usual. Remember, he writes crime stories. It seems he has the mind for it. A lot of people have been hurt by this fiasco. He doesn’t seem to care.

I release this problem to THE HIGHER POWERS. Let’s see what happens…

Comment by Time4Truth

Simple facts. I loaned 25,000 Euros to George Scott in good faith and on friendly terms. It was for one year or maximum 18 months. This was in late 2007. It is almost 2012 and I have not received one Euro. I know quite a few others like me. Some of them made loans so far back, they forgot about them or gave up. Multiply 10,000 Euros by 10 people and what do you get? Nice money to live on, right? It really adds up to quite a bit. It may be way more than that. Amazing how much money someone can take in over the internet and get off “Scott’ free, isn’t it? That is because no one knows how to do anything about it.

What would you do? Just not complain? Just give up losing 25,000 Euros while someone berates you for moaning? In Mr. Scott’s post above, he does the usual name calling and trivializing of this travesty. The whole fiasco has hurt a lot of people. He doesn’t seem to care.

I turn this over to The Higher Powers…let’s see what happens…=^.^=

Comment by Time4Truth

Time4Truth makes a good point. Scott borrows money from various people and then complains when the money is not returned as agreed. He also hopes of course that you never discover other people who are owed money in the same way. That way he can claim, as he has done – that “your” problem is a one off. He needs a little extra time, etc. etc. etc.. I am surprised more haven’t grouped together to fight him as a group action. If you loan money & don’t get it back – that is called fraud! It is that simple.

Comment by Peter McDonald

I just read on that in China, defrauding investors is a crime punishable by death.

Comment by Time4Truth

The property used as solid collateral for the loan agreement of 25,000 Euros in 2007 was proven to be fake and non existent. Let’s see if the court rules this to be FRAUDULENT CRIME by George Scott of Mallorca.

I wish more people would post their experiences here and keep this issue alive until settled.

Comment by Time4Truth

For the doubters in the room thinking that this incredible story is all made up by who exactly,……. upset hotel guests? Honestly, who would make up such a story? It is 100% true. I also am a bondholder since the early 2000s. Not a penny back from George and when challenged on the issue, which is obviously a right of the lender, one is treated with such disrespect that it’s honestly hard to believe. It was a scam from top to bottom and some smart, and probably all naive and trusting people got sucked in. I could write pages on this topic but you get the idea. The Scotts are nothing more than a sophisticated band of pickpockets. Money lost to criminals. End of story.

Comment by MIRI

I understand now that Mr & Mrs Scott had to give their passports to the court and have to report every week to the police. Just to make sure they are still on Mallorca. The local courts work very slowly but they are working. This story does need exposing at the right time.

Comment by Peter McDonald

Peter, do you know if there has been any press on this issue in the UK, US or Europe?

Comment by


The answer is yes, they are aware & keen. Basically however until our George stands up in court it is a little difficult to report. Anything used prior to this would “upset” the court action even in Spain! Email me privately if you wish +@mac(dot)com

Comment by Peter McDonald

Does anyone know the next court date for George Scott?

Will it be public and can anyone on this site who lives in Mallorca attend?

George Scott should be banned from using the internet since it has been his vehicle for robbing people. I guess jail time is the only thing that would keep him from it.

All the best to everyone involved.

Comment by Time4Truth

Peter, cant get your email to work. can you contact me?

Comment by Miles

I have a few friends at the BBC who’d be interested in covering this… Please keep the updates coming! We need to alert as many people as possible about this scam artist.

Comment by savvy

Savvy: some of us have followed this sorry saga for a long time. When able the story will get published but at the moment ( legally ) it can not.

Time4Truth: I hope the contact you needed was successful. Not sure of the next court date, but they have to report weekly to the police pending the next date.

Comment by Peter McDonald

Hey Savvy,

Just ask your BBC friends to do a little minor investigation on their own:

Go to and and see the claims going on even now. Why doesn’t someone from the BBC contact George Scott and inquire about buying the hotel? Why not check the books and see if it is true about the profits he claims to make? Surely this can be arranged with a legitimate real estate investor at the side of a BBC journalist?

Why not dig a little and find out if the hotels have any financial problems? Mr. Scott seems to be looking for interested buyers, so why not check it out? If they really are for sale for 2.5 million, maybe they could be a bargain for someone…and that would help us out, too…(I can dream!) Maybe at this moment in time, with the condition of the economy, they could be gotten for half price? Also, he is offering a 50,000 euro reward as a finder’s fee if you find him a buyer!

But, I must warn you, I have been told that at least one of the hotels is not under Mr. Scott’s control any longer, and these websites offering one or the other for sale, may not be legal. Should we be surprised? (By the way, I have an email from a Spanish “administrator” of one of the hotels who told me this about one year ago).

And if you go to you can check out all the ‘testimonials’–are they real? Well, a few years ago, I wrote to as many of those organizations and writers he had listed as I could and most people wrote back and said, “No, don’t know anything about it.” Or, they said they were 5 to 10 years old and no longer relevant. Some of the magazines have even changed names over the years. Some of the writers can’t even be found at all, like they are not real people. Do they exist? The writing style often looks very similar to George Scott himself. (I still have the email replies which I have never deleted, so I can verify this).

As we know, it is so easy to create an ‘image’ and a whole fantasy on the internet. The crazy thing is that the actual ‘hotels’ in Mallorca do exist which gave credibility to the business and offered some assurances to those of us making an investment. I guess we didn’t dream a business person so prominent in the community, who brags about their great “reputation”, would so blatantly get away with taking big sums of money and not pay it back. Nevertheless, these huge loans have gone unpaid to this day.

Has a crime been committed? Of course, we must let the courts decide. This is not a trivial matter. The hardest part is that we believed we had a ‘safe’ investment secured by million dollar property and we trusted George Scott.
Mr. Scott was very friendly and personable during the ‘agreement process’ while we arranged to hand over our money. He is artfully and masterfully persuasive.

But alas, when trying to get money back, his version of the story, with his name calling and threats, are very revealing of his true nature. I fear I have been scammed by a calculating and deliberate thief. I pray and trust that justice will prevail.

Comment by Time4Truth

As I mentioned before, it is very hard “legally” to do/publish a story at the moment. Back ground work has been done, just waiting I understand for the “right time” to use anything and place everything in the public domain.

Comment by Peter McDonald

I just wanted to emphasize that, at this very moment, shady stuff is going on that isn’t even part of the loan deals. This info, up on the web now, makes the ‘case’ even more colourful/unbelievable and can be published in the future. If/when those sites come down, the chance will be lost for anyone to see for themselves. Nice time for note taking…publish later when it is safe and legally appropriate to do so.

Comment by Time4Truth

Why not add his various email addresses and websites to popular spam / con artist websites? That way in the meantime the public can be aware of him. Just my two cents…

Comment by Richard

See the Reddit share button at the top? When you’re ready also a great way to spread the word about this guy!

Comment by Richard

It is just a matter of time now. George Scott has revealed his true nature in the presence of a judge in the court. Mr. Scott has brought this upon himself. He has no respect for any of the people he has made agreements with over the past ten years, nor respect for the judge.

When the court decides on the outcome of this case, all the doubters who supported Mr. Scott and believed in his ‘good character’ will understand at last—he ruthlessly stole huge amounts of money from many many people over and over again.

Those of us who have pursued court justice to stop his criminal actions will have the satisfaction of knowing the truth was brought to light. At last, we will have the satisfaction of justice and recompense.

Comment by Time4Truth

Hi Guys

My name is Jon Hughes I am a Bond Holder and I am not afraid to use my real name as Georege Scott, aka Marlene, Serena, Sena etc etc would have you believe!

I am the one he keeps refering to as being the subject of civil actions for libel, slander etc, but do you know what, he has been saying this for over 12 months and as yet I have not received one letter from his team of lawyers!!

There are two reasons for this, one he doesn’t have a team of lawyers, (no one on the island will represent him and the one lawyer he did have is, as I understand it, being investigated in connection with the raffle fraud) and secondly everything I have said is true.

I cannot believe the lies he is still telling and feel sorry for anyone who is taken in by them.

If only George had the decency to tell people in the begining that he was in trouble, who knows we may have even been able to help?

But not George he is too arrogant for that he still keeps telling lies and keeps digging a deeper hole, well before too long the sides of this hole are going to come tumbling down around him and he will be seen to be what he truly is, a conman.

Do you know he has even used veiled threats to some Bond Holders, usually the female ones, who are taking action against him to try and stop their actions but guess what, not one against any men!!

Just goes to show he is nothing but a coward, however the truth will come out and we will have our day in court, the legal system may be slow in Mallorca but it will be just and right.

If anyone wishes to contact me personally for any informaion you are welcome to do so on, that includes you George.

Comment by Jon Hughes

Jon, I agree with you. If George had been completely open with the bond holders about the financial troubles from the outset, maybe even offering a buyout to the group and keeping the Scotts on as managers at some salary until they decided to retire, could have worked out. I, for one, would have seriously been interested in that scenario. But as you say, he chose to take the dirt road and tried (and for all intents and purposes, succeeded) to ripoff a bunch of trusting people who bought into his fraudulent story.
Shame, shame, shame on the Scott family.

Comment by miles

I really appreciate the honest and generous posts from Jon and Miles Dec 27 and 28. I believe we live in a Creative Universe and there is always hope and there are always answers. Let’s let George Scott reflect on these things. Let him assess the condition of his body, his mind and his family’s reputation. Will he continue to resist taking responsibility? Will he continue to deny any wrong doing? It would take a REAL NOBLE MAN of COURAGE AND HONOR to loosen the hold he has on this situation by admitting fault and somehow making amends. His obstinate grip on his lies are keeping this thing in limbo. I agree, he is now digging a deeper and deeper hole. As he heads to Germany for medical treatment, let’s hope the creative mind that created this whole money scam, the creative mind who wrote the crime novels, the creative mind that has put up the walls, can figure out a creative way to reach a resolution about his deceits and continuous lies. He needs this more than we do so he can be at peace with himself. We don’t live forever. A creative mind put to wrong use can backfire on itself…even make us sick. I hope the Scott family can come together and do the right thing not only for our sake, but for themselves as well. Also, I hope we can ascertain our own role in this fiasco. Why and how did we end up getting involved? I hope it is a lesson that ultimately has some value. If anybody has insights, please share. When I think of how I could have helped my myself and my family with that money instead of handing it over to this manipulative con man George Scott, I wonder why I didn’t? I have to forgive myself about that! Well, let’s stay optimistic. I really expect that the Judge, the court and the lawyer will be successful in resolving this case ASAP. Happy and Blessed New Year—2012 to everyone.

Comment by Time4Truth

For what it’s worth, if I had a serious life threatening disease, I would investigate The Rick Simpson Story and anything else that would offer hope and health. I do hope Georg Scott does not skip out on his obligations with the court, or manipulate the judge with exaggerated stories of ill health.

Comment by Time4Truth

Time4Truth: unfortunately George Scott knows that ill health is one of the best arguments to pull at his age. He’s done it before and he’s very likely to use it now. This is a man who justified his con as “one where the charity, the participants, and we all came out ahead”. He loves to pressure people with references to charity and ill health, that’s part of the reason he managed to steal so much money from people so far. You can bet your money he’ll use that to lean on the judge now. Better be ready for it and act preemptively is what I’d say…

Comment by Gary

Hi everybody,
Firstly, sorry for my English, I’m Majorcan, I’ll try to do my best.
My name is Irene Mestre, I am another Bond Holder.
I’m fed up with this situation! I’m sure he is not going to give our money back, so I’ve decided to make it known.
I’m in contact with all the newspapers of Majorca and also with IB3, the Balearic Islands television to publish an article and a report in the next few weeks.
So if you are insterested in share with us your experience and your testimony please contact with me:

Comment by Irene Mestre

hmmm, GS’s last email was nothing but air…. like I expected something different?

Comment by miles

Hi Gary, (from January 14th)…You are right…I remember the newsletters that chronicled Judy’s health problems and how he thanked people for their donations (trying to get us to jump on the bandwagon). He also talked about his son’s accident or a friend’s accident or something who needed donations, and again thanked people for helping out. In my gut, I felt red flags about this. Since then, I recognize George Scott’s textbook propaganda techniques. In my opinion, he has mastered these conning skills and doesn’t hold back. Even the judge falls for it! I have also emailed Irene (above) who wants to do an expose, but not sure how this could influence the lawsuit. I am hoping the criminal claims against him get resolved quickly, but I get the feeling GS will do all he can to prolong the case. And, it seems he expects to die before he is held accountable to further punish his victims. No honor in this guy. All the best to everyone…

Comment by Time4Truth

I told myself I wasn’t going to come back to this den of mangy curs, full of hate and bile, howling at the moon and howling for blood — my blood.

But a friend of mind tells me that I should try once more to shed some light of truth on the various matters raised, just in case at least one reasonable person decides to read this blog.

Let’s go back to first principles. Eight years ago, one of my companies wanted to raise some money and so it issued 25 corporate bonds. The bonds paid 6% interest and offered a free holiday in our hotels every year worth 1,225 euros per year. They were to run for six years, with a clause for a year’s extension.

And all was well. Everything was fine. People got their free holidays.

But when it came time to repay the bonds, which were dependent on the sale of one of the properties, the market had collapsed and the hotels didn’t sell.

Most of the bondholders accepted the reality of the market and have been patient, waiting and hoping for a sale, but also clocking up their interest in the meantime.

But one bondholder, Jon Hughes, decided the bonds were a scam and tried to organise the other bondholders against me in a court case. Two of them joined him. Twenty-two of them refused him.

This is fact. There are 22 letters of support for me lodged in the Spanish court, two of them signed by English magistrates and four by solicitors who are also bondholders.

They recognise that it’s in their best interests to allow the sale of the properties to go forward in order to get their money back, with interest.

And in the meantime, they are continuing to use their free holidays every year.

We don’t know why Jon decided to take this course of action, but know that he lost 15,000 euros to one of our neighbours when he didn’t complete on a land purchase and lost his deposit. I happened to be the guy who introduced him to the neighbour, so I’m assuming he blames me for what must have been his own bad judgement.

At any rate, the case is in the court, no evidence has ever been found against me, and our solicitor says that those boxes of papers will probably lie on the shelves for ten years.

In the meantime, I hope I will long since have sold a property or two and repaid our bondholders, many of whom are friends as well as regular guests in the hotels.

Jon and his co-complainants can wait for a resolution of the case, by which time I shall long since be dead. Tant pis.

There are many allegations here that are simply ludicrous lies — assertions that my travel from the island is limited. The fact is, there are three new stamps in my passport from a recent trip abroad for medical treatment.

And there are postings from people who claim to be bondholders when indeed they are surely not, since I personally know (with one exception) every single bondholder, and have extensive correspondence with them all.

What else? Oh, the hotel voucher scheme that died. Yes, in 2006 I had a bright idea to sell hotel vouchers, hold some raffles, benefit some winners, benefit Nothing But Nets, my favourite charity, and sell our property for a good price.

Well, it didn’t work out. Few vouchers were actually sold, since the project coincided with a wave of house raffles in the UK, 99% of which went under.

But people who came to the hotels got their money back, all of it, and people are still coming and getting their money back, the vouchers being valid until 2013.

A few people, like Irene Mestre, who says she’s a bondholder, but who isn’t, have complained that she will only get 100 euros back on the 150 euro hotel voucher because of the administrative costs involved in giving her her money back.

Nothing to do with us, I’m afraid. Those were the terms of the voucher scheme as it was organised by the lawyers and accountants and they put into the agreement — which she signed — a clause saying that they would take 30% of the money in the case of a refund.

So that’s not something I can help her with, or should I offer to give her 50 euros out of my own pocket? She bought a voucher, she had a chance to win something, she didn’t win, she can still get 100% of her money back if she comes to the hotel. Why is she moaning and threatening us? Nobody cheated her. She’s a grown-up. She took a chance on something and lost, but now wants all of her money back. Let us please join the real world.

So for all the folk with the fake names — Time4Truth, Peter McDonald, et al, I’m sorry to disappoint you that there will be no court case as per some of the assertions that go back more than three years, and the reason is simple: a total lack of evidence. Jon Hughes has made accusations that I have misappropriated millions and stashed them in the Dominican Republic (a country I visited once in 1982 or 1983). His assertions are beyond ludicrous. If that were the case, then why would I still be here on the island, trying to sell my properties to pay off our debts? The absurdity of it all would be laughable save that it seems to stir up a bunch of people who seem to have nothing better to do than hate, mistrust, and possibly envy those who lead decent lives with happy families and many friends. No one who has ever seen me driving around in my 1992 VW would ever mistake me for the Bernie Madoff of Mallorca.

But enough — I do go on too long. If any real person wants information from me, my email address is on this blog. I’ll always be happy to talk to reasonable people in a reasonable way. What I object to is the black bile being vomited over a life spent being ordinary but straight.

Comment by George Scott

My name is Diane Huntoon and my screen name on this site is Time4Truth. I write this with no complaining and no name calling. For anyone who may be interested, here are a few basic facts.

Back in late 2007, I gave George Scott 25,000 Euros for a one year loan with possible 6 month extension. I have never received any money back.

I personally flew to Mallorca and showed the legal agreement drawn up by George Scott to a lawyer. I also showed him many other documents such as email exchanges and newsletters sent out via email by George Scott. The lawyer’s research revealed that a non-existent property was used as collateral for the loan. I was very frightened by this information. Because of this major fact and other findings, the lawyer accepted taking on the case.

As I understand, the Criminal Court in Mallorca has accepted this case. By finding this website (Charity Champs), I have discovered many other people (more than 10?) who have given George Scott large sums of money and who have never gotten anything back. Some of these loans date back many years earlier than mine. Is this OK? Are people to be reviled, blamed and belittled for taking steps to have their money returned? Or, better yet, expose some truth?

So, is this fraud? Why would someone continue to solicit money from people over and over again when they haven’t paid back previous loans? At least one person I know has written off their loss because so much time has passed. Is it OK to give up and let someone get away with this? Where did all the money go that was collected? There is a promise of a sale (or sales) of the hotels. Does anyone know if these hotels are truly in the hands of George Scott to sell? Are some people holding onto empty promises?

Of course, I want my ‘investment’ returned. But, I see I was more than gullible. This isn’t about money anymore. This is about truth, honesty, integrity and legality. My intention in securing a lawyer was with a sense of duty to speak out and STOP this activity so even MORE people wouldn’t lose their money. This situation is serious and demands investigation the attention of the LAW.

Previously, I have had experience with two fraud cases that were dealt with in court. With a lawyer’s help, we won both of those cases and the perpetrators were stopped. Those cases were just warm-ups compared to this. I leave it to the WISDOM of the Judge and the Court to come to their decision based on the facts the lawyer presents. It is only fair. Only God knows. And, God willing, it will be resolved quickly and justly.

I wish every person reading this, first and foremost, a calm, serene and peaceful mind. Words are power. Use them wisely and lovingly for good. Refrain from mocking others. It just shows how low one can go.

If anyone wishes to contact me here are several ways. Email:
Post: PO Box 7049, Central, Hong Kong, China
Mobile phone: (852) 6109 3640
I also have SKYPE. Email me later if you want to use it. (Also, I wrote to Irene last week but never heard from her. It would be valuable to know if she is indeed a bondholder) .

Thank you and all the best to everyone. Diane

Comment by Time4Truth

Hello, Diane — it’s nice to hear from you, albeit indirectly. You have never had the courtesy, previously, to respond.

Let me start over. That sounds snarky, and wasn’t meant to be.

What I mean to say in an unloaded way is that you have never responded to any of my communications sent directly to you, never been willing to enter into any kind of dialogue either with me or with my solicitor.

You say you came to the island? When? And if you were here, why didn’t you ring me, meet me, talk to me?

The loan was made for a short term in order to give us the money to bridge a gap and improve one of the properties we thought we had actually sold. The rate of interest was usuriously high, which is why you offered the money. You did it because you saw a profit in it for yourself, no other reason, though that’s a fair enough reason in itself.

But you were advised when the sale fell through and we asked for an extension of the loan. You refused and allied yourself with Jon Hughes in this court case, which is going nowhere, and never will go anywhere since there is absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing on my part, or at least criminal wrongdoing.

Did I make a mistake on your contract? Yes. I’ve admitted that. Out of 25 bond contracts, I got one wrong — yours. I apologise for that. I also offered to change the contract and correct it, which is what rational people do in circumstances like these — fix the problem.

This is a civil case, which is why the criminal case you’ve entered will never fly. The policeman who came to look at our papers said as much. “I don’t know why I’m here” were his words.

You will, I hope, forgive me if I voice my impatience with people who fly to the law at the drop of a hat. Almost inevitably only the lawyers come out ahead. Sitting down and talking to people is ever and always the best way to solve a problem.

I gave you an opportunity, Diane, to calm down and withdraw this nonsense. I pointed out then that I would feel much more comfortable paying you off when I pay off everyone else. The habits of 75 years of an honourable life are deeply ingrained.

But you turned down that offer, though I can’t think why, There is certainly no advantage for you in pursuing the matter, and my lawyer (who is lots tougher than I am) has pointed out that long after everything else has been settled, and long after the hotels have been sold and all other debts paid, your claim will still be languishing in a box on a shelf in a court on a small island in Spain.

And I shall, of course, be long gone, even with the life extension these new treatments seem to be affording me. Unfortunately, they are measurable in months, not years.

This seems a roundabout way to communicate, Diane — but my door remains open, as does my mind. Maybe you can persuade your mind to meet me halfway.



PS Irene doesn’t speak English much, but I have a long exchange of emails with her in Spanish if you’d like it. No, she’s not a bondholder.

Comment by George Scott

It does seem to me, I am afraid that Mr George Scott is in denial. Everyone is wrong except him. I think this is best left to the court system. I have more faith in the court than the past record of Mr Scott.

Comment by Peter McDonald

Steel your minds, beautiful people. We may have a classic situation on our hands.

Go to Google and look up con artist. It is an interesting read on “How Stuff Works” or on Wikipedia. Educate yourselves! Your lack of knowledge will be at your own peril.

Also, look up propaganda techniques and LEARN!

Confidence men are very friendly, persuasive and experts at separating people from their money. They play on people’s ignorance, naivete, compassion and other human psychologies and emotions—not just greed.

Good propagandists resort to name calling, which is a technique. Have you noticed any of that? So look up ALL the other propaganda techniques, too. It will be one of your life’s most important educational experiences if you don’t know about it already. Study all the techniques. Study the ways of the con artist and sales people. It is an eye opener.

Believe me, I don’t fly off to another country to find a lawyer without great deliberation and good reason. This is not a trivial matter. I loaned Mr. Scott 25,000 euros and my earnings are in US dollars. So, it is a pretty hefty amount that took a long time to earn. Shall we add up ALL the “bondholder” money? Did anyone get anything significant back yet?

According to “Marlene” from April 2011 above, she gave a loan of 10,000 British pounds seven years before…in 2005…but never got it all paid back…why on earth would George Scott still be soliciting money years later when he hasn’t paid back those earlier loans? Banks would refuse loans to him which is why he had to come up with some other idea like a “Bondholders Club”. But was the money needed to support a lifestyle? Support his kids? Used to buy property? Repair property? The VW Golf always comes in handy as a cover for being honest and poor. We are always reminded of those rundown cars as a testament to the honourable Scotts. Oh yes, and the charities.

By the way, there are some notable errors or mistakes in the recount of Mr. Scott in his message of February 11. A very important one is that, unlike what Mr. Scott says, of course, I agreed to the extension of the loan!…I had to! It was written in the agreement! It is not true that I didn’t agree. Interesting how the victims end up getting blamed and the truth gets twisted around. It was AFTER the extension, when the date finally arrived and I could get the money, that I became concerned.

I have to say, I panicked because I was the one who didn’t get a response from Mr. Scott when the loan finally came due after 18 months. You can imagine how anxious I was to get the money back in my possession. I emailed many times and thought I would never hear from him. He said my email must have gone to his spam box or something. Anyway, he wasn’t looking forward to the end of the agreement like I was, obviously.

You know how people are all friendly and nice when they want to get their hands on your money. Everyone is like this. Then, when they’ve got it, they make excuses, delay, stall around, made promises about giving it back sometime soon. Then, if pressed, things get nasty. They get mad at you or avoid you. They twist things around and blame you. How ironic. If you read the letter above carefully, it really makes me look greedy, disagreeable and out of control. He gave me ‘chances’ etc. Funny. It is all twisted around…amazing.

Go read up on what the con artists study in order to manipulate people. George Scott seems to know a lot about these things. They master these things because they have to win…without conscience.

So, we have two versions of what happened, mine and Mr. Scott’s. That is why we need a court. I am not a match for Mr. Scott’s verbal attack skills or his way of retelling events. He must know a lot about crime and how it is done if he writes crime novels. It takes a special mind to write an effective crime story. That is why I got a lawyer. Like I said, I am no match. All this money taken from people is not a trivial thing.

And, if I am so greedy, why would I be willing to part with even more money to pursue a court case? I am doing it because SOMEONE has to do it! And, I am grateful that others have joined me.

Yes, I stopped communicating directly with George Scott on the sound advice of the lawyer. The lawyer is now handling everything.

Now, about that mistake on the contract. Please note that there were TWO reasons given by George Scott two different times for the wrong property being listed on the agreement. Isn’t that strange? Two different excuses! Do people sometimes mess up when they forget which lie they’ve told?

First reason was that it was a simple mistake of copying the wrong address down. The OTHER reason given was that it was a property that the Scotts expected to own but didn’t really at the time. (And, why would he secure the loan anyway with a property he didn’t absolutely own?) So, which of these excuses is the true one? Why were there two reasons given and different times for a mistake on a LEGAL document? They both can’t be right. Something fishy here. (I have copies of this for verification because they are written on documents). If I have these two reasons wrong, we will let the lawyer clear it up. But, they are two DIFFERENT reasons.

Also, in the very beginning of my dealing with Mr. Scott, I NEVER received the hard copy of the original agreement that he promised to send to me via regular post back in 2007. I only have the fax. What happened? This was a bad sign. I was happy to know a fax is a legal document. But, I felt forgotten as soon as the money was passed to him. Even after all that friendly exchange with such a folksy family guy. I felt we had become friends. Wrong.

For clarification, I started the legal claim independently and did not know a single other soul involved. I had no email addresses and no way of finding anyone. Because of this website, the number of people who made loans and who have come forward is growing all the time by word of mouth. I found this site by chance after searching and searching keywords. So, the people who have joined up now, they have a right to make their claim, too. And Jon Hughes has done a great job of organizing a name list with compiled amounts and contact information. Others were unsure or not in a position to throw good money after bad. Others are in support of Mr. Scott. Fine.

About contacting, it is preferable to let the lawyer handle everything at this point. I am no match for someone who is a crime novelist, a genius with words and who has so much business experience and knowledge. Obviously, I should have had a lawyer look over the agreement details before I got involved. But, Mr. Scott convinced me it wasn’t necessary because the lawyers would only benefit. He said it was a simple agreement done many times before. The money was backed by million dollar properties. No risk.

Everybody, look up the definition of fraud. Here it is from Wikipedia:

In criminal law, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain…

Best to All…I wish you health, happiness and prosperity in 2012 and I hope your money is returned a hundredfold.


Comment by Time4Truth

Thank you, Diane — for your response, albeit indirect. There really is nothing more to be said here; people can have honest but diametrically opposed interpretations of the same events.

Rather than continue a dialogue which has proven to be fruitless, my goals are now but two: first, live long enough (and that, as you know, is an open question) to sell a property or two, and second, to pay all our valid debts.

And that will include you.

I maintain my optimism on both counts, and take heart, among other reasons having to do with family, that there are still those 22 bondholders out of the original 25, who have written to the court to support me.

And of course the police have found no wrongdoing unless you want to count my monumental screw-up of your contract. That is, every penny that ever passed through my hands is accounted for. Nobody can argue with the numbers.

I shall not speak of Jon Hughes, whom I simply regard as a nut case, though a dangerous and twisted one.

So no more, Diane. Let’s see what the future brings. If it brings a buyer for one of the properties, then all will be resolved and everyone can draw a line under the whole sorry mess.

If things go badly, if no buyers are found, then everyone will lose. My family will lose everything and those folk who lent us money will lose as well.

Warm wishes and let’s all hope for a piece of good luck.


PS Somewhere above in this thread, someone made reference to a whip-round I organised a few years ago to pay a top private orthopedic surgeon for a complicated operation that had to be done on one of my son’s friends after a motorbike accident. Well, yes, we raised the money, the op was done, his leg was saved, and in due course his mother found the money to repay everyone who chipped in to help. I’m proud of that small gesture to help a good kid in a bad situation, one that might have cost him his leg because of a lack of ready cash. But of course somebody out there had to question my motives. Does he think I kept the money? Or maybe Jon thinks it’s in the Dominican Republic. A sad commentary on sad human beings.

Comment by George Scott

“I’ll always be happy to talk to reasonable people in a reasonable way.”
I’d like to take you up on your offer George.
Please contact me at

Comment by Wynne

Here is an amazing and alarming statement from George Scott in his February 11, 2012 post. It is not the first time I have heard such a thing from him:

“I pointed out then that I would feel much more comfortable paying you off when I pay off everyone else.”

Shocking. It seems getting paid back is dependent on how Mr. Scott FEELS.

Is this reasonable? Why would a person’s repayment of their loan agreement be dependent on the loan of someone else? Why would a repayment be dependent on “I will pay it back if I feel comfortable” kind of thinking?

Reasoning with a person like this is impossible and disastrous.

It is unbelievable how Mr. Scott has also decided, on his own terms, why a person participates in his bondholder’s loan scheme. He alone has decided and declared my intent and motive. How meglomaniacal and tyrannical is this? Mr. Scott knows nothing about me. Fortunately, I have the email where I state clearly why I participated and it is not what he says.

I hope you get the idea of the kind of person and situation we are dealing with.

For people who are believing their money will be returned and that it is still ‘clocking’ up interest, have you considered that these properties may be in bankruptcy? If they are, then what will happen? How can you find out? Do you trust every word Mr. Scott says without questioning?

Have you looked at the accounting books yourself to see where these businesses stand? Are the books available for public scrutiny? Are the hotels REALLY for sale by Mr. Scott? Do the banks have them in their hands?

Have you understood the financial health of these properties at this moment in time? Do you have a clear indication of whether or not it is even possible for you to ever get your money back?

After all, Mr. Scott is still making the same old promises and excuses such as, ‘the economy is bad’. Or, ‘we almost had a buyer’. Or, ‘I want to get you paid’…and on and on.

It is possible there is a whole different truth behind all this talk. It could be that the money is gone and he hopes he will die before you all find out and then you are less likely to take some action.

So, are you being persuaded to wait a little longer over and over again without doing a little investigation? Do you know what is really happening? REALLY?

It is not to late to find out. Start asking questions. This matter needs to be open to all concerned. If you wrote a letter to the court supporting Mr. Scott, why? Is it because you have enough money that the loss doesn’t bother you? You don’t care about the principle or ethics of the matter? Do you just want to declare loyalty for the sake of loyalty and because Mr. Scott is a ‘friend’ and he asked you nicely for support? What if your loyalty is a hindrance to a lot of people getting their money back fairly and squarely?

If you are a bondholder and you really want your loan paid, or if you want some ethical justice, it may be up to you to take some action. Maybe you need to put pressure on the Scott family to force a sale of some property that was purchased with, perhaps, YOUR money.

Could it be that some of the money was used to purchase property and purposely put in the name of his children so you will never get it? How would you feel about that scenario? Who knows? Maybe it was used to fund a restaurant, like the one his son opened? Was it successful? Did it fail? Did anyone live the good life off your money? No, or course not, because we are reminded over and over how they drive old beat up cars. This is proof of the honorable life.

People can be passive and trusting or they can demand the truth and search it out, even if Mr. Scott is considered a friend. Come on. Somebody step up and get some concrete answers. If some of you bondholders are lawyers, like Mr. Scott often says, this shouldn’t be so difficult.

Well, thanks for reading and hope you all have a really grand day.


Comment by Time4Truth

My understanding is thats Scott’s Hotel had been taken over by the local bank on a court order and the locks changed, not giving Mr Scott any access at all. I thought the hotel had been sold.
Galilea is still trading, but this has always been owned by the bank. They did admit several years ago that lease payments on the hotel were behind.
With this is mind it is hard to see or understand where funds are coming from. Of course this situation is none of Mr Scott’s fault – according to Mr Scott.

Comment by Peter McDonald

George is always mentioning the fact that 22 of the 25 (really only 25?) bondholders have written letters of support to the Spanish courts, but I for one have not, and I can assume that 99% of the comments on this board come from bondholders who would also not think of doing such a thing. Has he written a letter to the court in my name? Or yours? Full disclosure on this point would be interesting, and if forgery is added to the list of legal issues then the hole he is digging gets even deeper.

Comment by Miles

What I meant, Diane — by “preferring” to pay you off when I pay off everyone else, is simply that you put the case into court and there it will stay until it’s resolved. I’d “prefer” to pay you off and have you take it out of court rather than have the case play out for years. I don’t have years. I wasn’t even supposed to have this long, but I’m a tough nut to crack, even for cancer.

The other comments here aren’t worthy of a response, being based, as they are, in a profound ignorance of the situation.

But for the record, I do in fact take full responsibility for all that has happened. Judy and I started with £5 about thirty years ago and it now looks as though we’ll be lucky to end up with that much. We had a lot of successful years, with a great life, good income, happy guests, bestselling books, and agents telling us that our properties were worth over nine million.

And of course I believed them, believed it would go on forever. I wanted to believe it. Am I alone in having overborrowed, overstretched and drowned in overoptimism?

Not from what I read in the papers.

Not that that’s an excuse, just a statement of 20/20 hindsight.

Still, part of me thought I was too smart to be trapped in the bubble, too clever to be right in the middle of it all when it burst. I actually tried to sell the hotel back in 2005, but then allowed myself to get drawn off into another project.

So mea culpa — it’s certainly my own stupid fault, and I’ve never said otherwise. For the record, I do apologise and I am sorry, even though I’m of the opinion that some of the folk here are pretty meanspirited and hardhearted in their judgements of me.

But I do wish to have my regrets and apologies on the record, for whatever small worth that may have.


PS I didn’t ever mean to go on and on about my old banger car. Ironically, I can’t do anything right on that front either. My neighbour suggested the other day that I should get something newer, better, implying that I was lowering the tone of the neighbourhood parking my wreck in front of his house.

Comment by George Scott

Hello Bondholders and other Interested Parties,

Are the pieces of the puzzle coming together for you yet? If not, it is probably because it is impossible to get facts and truths from George Scott. Pay careful attention to every word uttered by Mr. Scott. A pattern will emerge.

Now, Mr. Scott would like you to accept his apology for taking your thousands of dollars. He tells how his family had a good income while it lasted. (Was that your money they lived off of and had a great life with?) But now, oh well. They lost it all. It was nice while it lasted. So, sorry. Lots of other people did the same, so it must be OK.

Is this is what George Scott would have you believe? How brazen.

In my opinion, people who overborrow and overstretch by deceitfully manipulating money out of INDIVIDUALS are not drowned in overoptimism. They are overly desperate, heartless, greedy and doers of crimes.

The court will decide if innocent people were fraudulently tricked out of their money.

That is why this case is in criminal court. It is not suited for civil court.

Here is a quote from the February 10 post by George Scott on this site:

“In the meantime, I hope I will long since have sold a property or two and repaid our bondholders, many of whom are friends as well as regular guests in the hotels.”

(Is Mr. Scott leading people on?)

So, it seems there are at least two properties available to be sold. The big hurdle is in selling them, one or two of them. If Mr. Scott would reveal details about the properties he has for sale, maybe one of us can help find a buyer through our various connections.

Or, if they can’t be sold, then turn them over to the bondholders. This is only fair. This is reasonable. This is honourable. Put them in the hands of the people who were made to believe that million dollar properties were backing their loans. The details can be worked out.

But, is this the TRUTH? Are there really two properties available for sale? That could pay back the loans?
Can Mr. Scott state here, publicly on this site that, indeed, there are two properties available for sale, and that these properties can be verified? And, will the sale of these properties cover ALL the loans taken in, and there won’t be other creditors in line to grab the money first?

If he can’t state this and verify it, doesn’t it mean that there is something deceptive in his statement about having two properties for sale that would get everybody paid off if sold?

And, what if there never were properties that could cover all the loans taken in? omg…that means only one thing…

Another discrepancy is that 35 people have come forward with loan agreements (35 that we know of) and Mr. Scott says there are only 25? Something does not add up.

Lies, deceptions and coverups are bad. These are dark and lower vibrations and frequencies. This kind of energy is not healthy or good. It poisons the air. It poisons everything.

Everybody needs to get rid of them. Tell the truth. Take a lie detector test or something. ‘Fess up.

Comment by Time4Truth

A page from the George Scott handbook:

Positive accounts from other helpful 3rd parties (Marlene, Sena)
Apology and (some) explanation

Stay tuned!

Comment by anon

Sigh. Public prove facts don’t seem to penetrate this carapace.

So I’m outta here — shouldn’t have stayed as long as I did. Talk about dark and low vibrations!

Not good for my health, so I’ll go away and hope that the next time I post it will be to say that people have been paid.

Comment by George Scott

Facts? You didn’t answer a single point raised in Diane’s last email. Once again you are dodging questions that deserve an answer. It is pretty clear you have no good intentions and posted on this blog to buy some time and sympathy. Guess what, you’re out of both and the time has come for people to collect. The saying ‘privatise gains and socialise losses’ is pretty appropriate in your case and you deserve no sympathy at all for what you’ve done. As you said yourself, you enjoyed some great years and it’s now pretty obvious that was partly on the back of the poor victims that have stepped forward here. I look forward to reading about you in the local papers.

Comment by anon

Just what I thought. No assurance. We’ve been bilked.

Comment by Time4Truth

Dark & low vibrations means, I will not answer these questions, I am very special and above answering!

( Just for George, because I know he stills stops by here )

Comment by Peter McDonald

Hi Guys

It’s me Jon Hughes, “The Nut Case who is full of bile and hate”, and definately out to get George!!

Sorry about the above message but I just wanted to see if it would again allow me to leave a reply, I have tried two or three times over the last few weeks without success, I thought George was trying to stop me!

I would like to try and clear a few things up, firstly George says he made one stupid mistake on Diane’s contract? well let me tell you he also made a mistake on mine, my Bond states that our money was secured against the hotel in Binissalem, guess what its not and neither are any of the other Bonds there is nothing registered anywhere showing our money is secured against this property.

Secondly and I quote from George, “I maintain my optimism that there are still those 22 bondholders out of the original 25, who have written to the court to support me”

Well I can tell you that there are five people taking action against him, (so that would be 20 people who have written to the court in supposed support not 22), however I happen to know that there are at least 35 Bond Holders that I have had some form of contact with and a great number of those are not happy with his actions.

He may be very eloquent with words but he’s bloody hopeless at maths?

Once again in all his blogs or emails or letters he either very patronising or issuing veiled threats, but we never get the truth!

He is also now trying for the sympathy angle, “I don’t have much time left or I might not live long enough” etc etc.

Oh and by the way he’s just fired his latest lawyer, another ploy to drag things out!

He says for 75 years he’s led an honourable life, are these the actions of an honourable man? if they are I know prisons full of honourable men!!

Why oh why can’t he just tell the truth and accept that he has been found out?

Should anyone want any further information please contact me on


Comment by jon hughes

Does George Scott or Judy Scott, of Scott Hotels in Mallorca, have rights to property resources at this time, which are necessary to repay loans taken from around 35 people over the past 10 or so years? Did he ever? If he doesn’t and didn’t, wouldn’t this be an obvious case of FRAUD?

Why won’t George Scott tell us the truth?

Is he bankrupt?

The loans could amount to about 350,000 Euros or much much more (35 x 10,000 E). Some people loaned more than twice the amount of 10,000 E. So, maybe it is closer to a MILLION EUROS. This is not to mention the untold amount in RAFFLE INCOME.

Isn’t it damning for Mr. Scott to actually write that he had a GOOD INCOME while it lasted? Is he joking? How could he throw that in your face when you need your money back?

Are all you supporters of Mr. George Scott waking up yet? This is likely a matter of over 350,000 Euros or much much more! Are you just going to close your eyes to it?

Just because a person becomes old and sick doesn’t mean they don’t need to be held accountable for past conduct. Court justice will prevail.


Please comment.

Comment by Time4Truth

Dear “Truth”

As far as I know, the town hotel has been sold & the locks changed. The Scott’s don’t have access anymore.

The other hotel was always owned by the local bank and leased back to the Scott’s. The bank did say three years ago they were owed back lease payment on the property.

As for George Scott telling anyone the truth, why should he start now? According to him, he hasn’t done anything wrong.

I think the total fraud involving everything is nearer €1million.

Keep up the pressure.

Comment by Peter McDonald

Thanks Peter.

Someone from France just emailed me about their unpaid loan. They found this site by chance. I sent their contact to the lawyer in Palma. People keep popping up from all over the place.

It may be more like 2 million Euros. I will keep the pressure on. This is not one of George Scott’s ‘crime stories’ where he can create a fantasy land and then close the book. This is the real thing.

If the court finds it to be fraud (should be easy with all the proof) some people are going to JAIL.

I am going to do what I can. I am going to do all I can.

Where did everyone go? I don’t know why people just want to let this guy get away with this.

So, I appreciate your presence on this site.

Comment by Time4Truth

I think some are frightened and will not step forward. Some have been contacted personally by George Scott and had pressure applied. He will get away with this, if people don’t work together. By sticking together George Scott can be held accountable.

Comment by Peter McDonald

Recently there was a mail from GS to the bond holders regarding some need to send contact info to him for forwarding to the court. Does anyone have a comment on that? Not sure what to do.

Comment by Miles

I read the March 7th email from George Scott. It is very clear to me he is a master manipulator and is buying time. Can you see it? When he wants something, he is very pleasant and uses all his tricks. He makes you think he has loads of support and help from other people—-this makes you want to help too. It is the bandwagon technique of propaganda and manipulation.

But, if you confront him and ask for your money back, he is a very mean man, as you can see in his repeated name calling in his posts above.

My question is, If George Scott stills owes people money and he is still asking for more help and support, isn’t it time to say no? I don’t think anyone going to get anything back. I doubt if there is anything left. A person who would so heartlessly take money from so many, really doesn’t care about anyone. He got caught in his own greed and it took over with the easy way he found to trick people out of their money.

His email may sound sweet and nice but read between the lines. He is confident about getting his way again. He also sounds desperate.

A very small group has committed to stop him. Why not help us? You can withdraw support based on what you see written on this site. Think about it—around one million Euros (give or take) is missing! Isn’t this shocking? GS does not offer proof of any properties for sale at all. Why not?

He is just leading people on with phoney promises and intentions for “getting you paid.” Hollow words.

If people have doubts, they could stay neutral. Then they won’t be supporting someone who may turn out to be involved in fraud.

Besides, I wonder if the court really cares about ‘support letters’ when even those supporters don’t have their money back. It is really unbelievable how people are still supporting him. It is like the Stockholm Syndrome or something.

Comment by Time4Truth

Be careful that George Scott doesn’t use any letters/emails as letters of support he can place before the court.

One point, how many times can Mr Scott said ” you will get paid?”.

Don’t be taken in again.

Comment by Peter McDonald

Time Magazine has published an article March 7 2012 called Top Ten Swindlers. REALLY INTERESTING! Most of these swindlers didn’t think they were doing anything wrong! Sound familiar?. All of them went to jail. Go read it————> Google it: ” Top Ten Swindlers time magazine ” and see if you can find any familiar comparisons with the George Scott debacle.

Comment by Time4Truth

Does anyone have an update on George Scott’s trial? Hope justice is being served.

Comment by Anonymous

October 2006 I invested in the raffle. After that for a few years I received from George Scott a lot of e-mails telling about his and his wife’s bad health and also about his son Ben who had some troubles with his bakery. And also George was telling me that I could earn a lot of money if I would put some in his phantom project. Along with this he wrote a lot of strange things – some of them jokes. Very strange things that made me think that here is something wrong. And now years after I occasionally found out that there are still things about that strange character.

Comment by finn hansen

George Scott will be going to court for fraud…message from lawyer on June 13, 2012. More later and coming soon…!

Comment by Time4Truth

Does anyone know if the townhouse is just sitting there empty? Cant imagine what is physically happening to the property. Will the place have any value to speak of once all this mess with George is finally settled and off the table?

Comment by Miles

A few people have looked around the property. It is just locked up.

Comment by Peter McDonald

No news from the lawyer or Jon Hughes. I noticed there is a copyright 2012 notice on the Scott’s Townhouse website by ‘Daniela Hellman’. Normally, the copyright is owned by Scott’s. This is interesting. Any comments or thoughts about this?

Comment by Time4Truth

The domain still appears to be owned by George Scott according to Whois records: Not sure…

Comment by Anonymous

Dear Truth
could you post a link to Scott’s Hotel pse? I just see the normal web site. Thx

Comment by Peter McDonald

Dear T4T, please don´t put rumors in this world – if they are not true. My name isn´t on the website of the townhouse, it´s on the one of Galilea. Please delete asap- It´s still my name which you put in the www.
Can´t believe! All the best to all! DH

Comment by DH

This case has slowed almost to a stop! Does anyone have any information on court progress or George Scott?

Comment by Peter McDonald

I also bought a raffle ticket and later tried to use my voucher to stay at the hotel in Mallorce with no responxe. Please include me is any future legal action.

Comment by Carolyn Bird

I understand the retired Fleet Street journalist & author Hugh Ash who now lives on Mallorca is to write about the George Scott ” situation ” on his well respected online blog soon! This should make interesting reading. Straight talking Ash is working on the story now.

Comment by Peter McDonald

The lawsuit is going strong based on investigations by special investigators in Spain (even the U.S. Secret Service is aware) that the Scotts allegedly and fraudulently took in well over one million Euros from their victims. I, for one, have never seen any of my investment of 25,000 euros returned. The main point is that the agreement with George Scott contained a bogus property used as collateral. Mr. Scott claimed it was a ‘mistake’ in copying an address. However, it has now come to light recently (December 2012) that the same bogus address was also put on someone else’s agreement! In other words, it was intentional and he never expected to get caught! It is just a matter of little time now when justice will be done!

Many many people have suffered great loss after dealing with the Scotts, yet they declined to join the lawsuit because they preferred not to throw good money after bad. Some even decided to side with George and believe he had good intentions all along. It is my opinion that George Scott and his wife used sophisticated conning techniques and cheated many people. Sadly, some, like myself, were cheated out of life savings.

So many people still don’t know what happened to their money or they are not aware of the existence of other investors. Most of us found each other by chance on this website. So, pass the word! If you know anyone who lost money to them, even if it is just a raffle ticket, point them to this blog. If you have questions, email the Scotts and ask them questions yourselves. They have some explaining to do…but they might be doing it from jail!

All the best to everyone and God Bless you with the Truth. I pray to the Holy Creator who KNOWS that justice will prevail over all these low class cheaters and con artists who take advantage of others.

Comment by Time4Truth

I will post news about this case very soon!

Comment by Time4Truth

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Comment by help for fear of flying

It is confirmed that George Scott has died. Chances of recovering money is very slim. This is what Mr. Scott promised…to drag the court case out until he died. Over 1,300,000 euros taken in fraudulently and now he is dead. RIP.

Comment by Time4Truth

who did you learn this from? Is there a chance there will be a liquidation of the estate? Are we not in line for anything then?
You know who…

Comment by Miles

Judy, George Scott’s partner was also charged and I think one of his daughters. This centred on the wrong property addresses been entered as security. I am not sure nor are the legal people where this goes from here. Still waiting for official-official confirmation that George Scott has died, as nothing would surprise me anymore. The saga continues.

Comment by From the beginning.

Very interesting blog on George Scott from local Mallorca journalist Hugh Ash:

Comment by From the beginning.

The news about George Scott’s death has come from the lawyer after being confirmed. Mr. Scott died, in my opinion, in disgrace. The lawyer is looking into how to proceed. Also, the “wrong” property address has recently been found to be on at least one other investment agreement. So, it seems it was intentional to defraud.

I wrote a comment in response to Hugh Ash’s blog. Why doesn’t everyone else go there and make a post? Make your voice heard. It may make a difference in recovering your money. Wishing all the best to everyone.

Comment by heartofhongkong

This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Many thanks!

Comment by Benjamin

If you have any news about George Scott please share it. Together we could make a difference. Some of us have lost a great deal of money.

Comment by George's Ghost

It has been a few months since the passing of our dear fellow George Scott. I guess the heirs have gotten away with the scam once and for all, free and clear? What a shame for us who were suckered.

Comment by Miles

Any further news of the general situation against the estate of George Scott

Comment by Jason Patrick . Mallorca

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