Charity CHAMPs – get involved with microphilanthropy now!

Micro ways to help end hunger by sylvng

If ending hunger is your cause, here are some microphilanthropy things that you can do to make a difference:

  • Follow @stophunger in Twitter – they’re giving $1 to end hunger for every follower they get this week.
  • Go to Kraft’s website and click on their ad – for each click Kraft is donating a box of mac and cheese to Feeding America. Over 30k boxes have already been donated, but their goal is to hit 1M boxes.
  • Stand Up and take action against poverty – participate in an event during Oct 16 – 18 this year to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals! Last year over 116M people took part. You can organize your own easy event such as distributing improved seeds or organize a free lunch.
  • Click at the Hunger Site to donate 1.1 cups of food to the hungry. Or buy something from the Hunger Site Store, which raised over 3.7M cups of food for charities around the world from Jul-Dec 2008.
  • Pledge to end hunger – promise to either donate, volunteer, or spread the word about hunger in America. $35 can feed a child 3 meals a day for more than a month.

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