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Jobs for Change – Developing the Next Generation of Leaders in the Social Sector by sylvng
May 21, 2009, 10:41 pm
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In response to President Obama’s call for social service, just launched Jobs for Change, a site designed to develop the next generation of leaders in the social sector.  To quote, “people are the most important factor in advancing social change” but “too many people interested in a career in service do not end up or remain in the sector because of a range of obstacles”. To help overcome these obstacles Jobs for Change is building a huge database of social change jobs and have hired a team of career advisors to blog and provide guidance on finding and developing a career in social change.

I too have felt the “obstacles” that is trying to address; over the years I have seen many possible career paths at non-profits through my interactions  (as a volunteer or otherwise), and none of the jobs have ever really appealed to me. Either the job environment just wasn’t driven enough, or there was too much bureaucracy, or (seeing that I work in technology) I couldn’t see myself working in a company that’s “behind the times”.  For the longest time I concluded that they only way I can work in a nonprofit setting is for an organization like, essentially the non-profit arm of a for-profit company, that would hopefully operate like a for-profit but with social goals instead.

My view of course has changed in recent years; partly because I’m more educated, but also partly because I see a whole new generation of organizations cropping up that are “with the times”. And as more and more for-profits are becoming socially responsible, the number of “good” jobs that don’t come with potential drawbacks of working in the non-profit sector are also increasing in number. With Jobs for Change working to dispel the common myths of working for non-profits, and encouraging use of business for good,  the landscape could be entirely different in a year.

You spend almost a third of your life at work, so you should be happy with what contribution you’re making to society while working.  If not, you should definitely check out the jobs at Jobs for Change. And if you’re a blogger or non-profit leader, sign their statement about the importance of mission-driven careers.

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