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Who is participating in microphilanthropy and why Charity CHAMPS wants to focus on youth by sylvng

At Charity CHAMPS we’ve been thinking for a while about who our target “market” should be. While we would love to encourage the whole world to be involved with microphilanthropy, we have to face reality: we can only reach certain segments of people with our website, and we would probably be more successful having a focus rather than not. So just who is participating in online microphilanthropy right now? Our rough market research would suggest that a main segment of online givers are middle-aged women, possibly stay-at-home moms who have some spare income as well as time to be involved with social networks and therefore charity using social media.

Some traffic statistics gathered from Quantcast today (June 10 2009):

Site % Female % Aged 3-17 % Aged 18-34 % Aged 35-49 % Aged 50+ 60% 12% 49% 25% 14% 63% 37% 14% 31% 18% 57% 1% 21% 48% 30% 55% 9% 19% 36% 36% 66% 1% 31% 29% 39%

Of course, these are only estimates so you have to take the data with a grain of salt. But even if the data is only directional, there’s a definite difference in % of youth on various sites; Donorschoose and Microgiving both have lots more youth traffic than Kiva or Change. On some level I think it’s fairly obvious why this is the case – Donorschoose afterall is raising money for students and if you just visit Microgiving you can see why it appeals to youngsters more than Kiva and Change.

So just what market does Charity CHAMPS want to focus on? Well for now we’re thinking the youth. Why? Because good kids grow up to be good adults. The Canadian Survey of Giving, Volunteering, and Participating (CSVP) has a bunch of information on the connection between early life experiences and the rate of donating in later life. Not surprisingly, the survey found that those who were involved with community activities as youth donated more than their peers as adults. Not only that, but young volunteers (particularly 15 to 19 year olds), are more likely than other age groups to report that they don’t volunteer because they were not asked (45% of 15 to 19 year olds vs. 39% of 20 to 24 year olds and 27% of those 25 and over), or because they don’t know how to become involved (35% vs. 21% and 11%). And both those things we can potentially have an impact on.

Not to mention, our general concept was always meant to be a fun and even a bit frivolous. So watch out youth, here we come!

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If you’re looking for more stats Microgiving just posted a bit of a summary on online giving at

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