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Microphilanthropy sites – don’t block me out! by sylvng

The other day I discovered an organization called 10Beyond on Twitter. They have a great pyramid model going where they hope that each person who donates to a charity through their platform manages to inspire at least 10 other donations through referrals. Apparently donations through the site have increased 5-fold since launch (see article). It’s a great model that I would love to learn more about, but the only information I can gather is through peripheral news articles and blogs. Why? Because I’m located in Canada. Which frustrates me to no end, because even if I cannot participate on your site as a Canadian, there’s no reason to block me from reading about what’s going on. Not to mention that it actually takes effort to develop a block based on IP, and on top of that, US residents who cross the border won’t be able to access their accounts from Canada.

The most popular page on this blog by far is the list of microphilanthopy organizations that I’ve complied over the months. If I ever have the time, I’d love to add a column to show where each organization is based, and mark which geographic markets they cater to. Not that I believe every organization should be catering to Canadians, but I would hate to create the bad experience where I tell somebody about how great a site is, only for them to find out they can’t be a part of it.

For organizations out there who don’t currently cater to Canadians, consider the fact that the Canadian market is the size of California, and the fact that our cultures are so close that you really don’t really need much localization work (unless you’re thinking about Quebec). =)

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Thank you to our Canadian friends for alerting us to this. Rest assured that we are taking proactive measures to remove the restriction and we both welcome and look forward to your participation soon.

David Russell, Founder

Comment by David Russell

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