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Email overload? It’s all good with ReplyForAll by sylvng

Do you have waaaaay too many emails in your inbox? Or do you send too many emails in one day to keep count? Well for once that’s good news! How, you ask? Check out ReplyForAll and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

In the office I’ve often seen people using email signatures to spread a particular message.  People use all sorts of tag lines, from “don’t print this email – be good to the environment” to “you have to be the change you want to see in the world”. But with ReplyForAll you can take that one step further and actually fundraise for a cause using your signature! Just go to the site and pick what you want to support (curing cancer, stopping AIDs, providing clean water, and fighting global warming to name a few). Then sign up to create a custom email signature that includes a banner ad. Sponsors pay for you to see the ads, and the proceeds go to your cause.

Best of all, ReplyForAll tells you exactly what impact your signature will have.  For example, every 12 people using the clean enery signature takes 1 car off the road for a month, or prevents 500 kg of CO2 from entering the atmposphere. In fact, you can see ReplyForAll’s impact in 2008 on their site. Amongst other things they served 734 people with clean water for a day, and provided 3.9 years of educational resources. Pretty awesome!

On my list of microphilanthropies I’ve categorized organizations by the type of actions you can take on them, be it click-to-donate, micro-lending, shop-for-good, or social networking. Just when I think that I’ve found them all, I discover unique ones like RaffleMansion or 10Beyond that I just can’t put in any category. Today I found ReplyForAll. Who knows what I’ll find tomorrow. Ah, I love it – it’s like hunting for treasure!

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Charming idea

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