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Accomplish a lot … in your pyjamas! by sylvng

How much do you get done in your pyjamas? On weekends, I do a lot in my pyjamas (mostly out of laziness to change), and with Volunteer From Home, you can as well!

Volunteer From Home was started by Mike Bright, who a few years ago was doing a lot of volunteering from his own home, from writing to sick children to make them smile, to converting public domain books into e-books and raising money for charity for free by using click-to-donate sites. Over time he realized he wanted to do more to benefit others, so he started looking for more home-based volunteer placements. That’s when he realized the real opportunity. Here’s his story from his own words:

“One over-riding feature I discovered about these [volunteer] opportunities was that for one reason or another they were just not featured on any of the volunteering portal websites like VolunteerMatch. Also, I realised that if you didn’t even know that such an opportunity existed (and there are some pretty obscure ones out there) there would be little chance in finding it. That’s when I realised that these type of opportunities really needed to be collated and put into one place, which I also discovered hadn’t been done before.”

And so he set up Help From Home, which he continues to run today altruistically. The site has only been live for 7 months, but over 450 home based volunteering opportunities have already been added to the site and there are literally hundreds more waiting to be vetted and potentially included on the website. Mike’s goal is to “inspire and encourage people to do things that help others”, by show-casing microphilanthropy opportunities that are :

  1. easy to perform
  2. involve no ongoing commitment (you could dip in and dip out whenever you wanted)
  3. cost nothing or very little to complete
  4. take no more than 30 minutes to accomplish
  5. and if possible, be capable of actually being done whilst still dressed in your pyjamas

Some examples of some cool actions that you can find on the site:

  • Install free software to help fight cancer with your pc
  • Make a very seriously ill child smile with just a letter or an email
  • Donate your excess food, plants and seeds to be redistributed to needy causes
  • Join a Virtual March on global warming
  • Posters for Peace. Print them out and display them somewhere prominently

I of course love the concept – that is afterall why I believe so much in microphilanthropy. So check out Mike’s site, and hope to catch you online sometime (maybe in your pyjamas)!

Special thanks Mike for sharing his story with Charity CHAMPS.

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