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Using Twitter to Fundraise by sylvng

Fundraising with Twitter has been getting a lot of press recently, with a lot of articles citing some novel ideas as well as success stories. For example:

  • Twitter’s Twestival raised over $250k for charity just this past February
  • 12for12k ran a Tweet-a-thon on March 19, and raised over $15k for Share our Strength by offering donors chances to win some great prizes for every $12 donated
  • The Vancouver based Tweetmyride Charity Foundation is looking to raise $1M through their Twitter campaign, which encourages users to donate to 10 charities and then Tweet about the donations
  • The Salvation Army recently launched the Kettle campaign to raise $10k

I had mentioned before that Tipjoy is a great tool to use if you’re looking to run your own campaign on Twitter. But if you’re looking for something slightly more fun, try out Twollars. Twollars is Twitter’s “currency of appreciation” – everybody on Twitter automatically starts off with 50 Twollars to give away. To see your balance, just go to You can give your Twollars to anybody you appreciate by just Tweeting (see Twollars FAQ for examples). If you give your Twollars to Charities who have Twollar accounts, the Twollars can be converted to real dollars by businesses who want to raise their social responsibility profile.

The idea may sound a little too flippant to work for very serious fundraisers, but so far Charity Water has already garnered $1500 from it. There are also no transaction costs involved so Twollars does not take any cut of the fundraised money.

So go get your Twollars and use them wisely!

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