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“Microphilanthropy”? What?? by sylvng
November 8, 2009, 10:58 pm
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Charity CHAMPS’ mission is to get more people doing good in small ways. The small actions all add up, after all, to big things, and if you follow this blog, you will have seen the staggering growth numbers of organizations doing “microphilanthropy”.

I’m not one for big words, but I do like the word “microphilanthropy”. It makes natural sense to me – “small good”. And with others like Peter Deitz from Social Actions also using the word, I thought it would be appropriate to throw Charity CHAMPS behind it as well. From as far back as 2006 people have been blogging and saying that “microphilanthropy”  is the next up-and-coming word. But if I had a penny for every time when I get a blank look for using the word, Charity CHAMPS might not need to apply to the Aviva Community Fund for funding. It seems that “philanthropy” on its own isn’t widely understood, let alone with “micro” in front of it.

It is a word though, I swear! It even has a wikipedia entry. I’m just not sure that it’s the right word to associate Charity CHAMPS with. While discussing with an SEO expert on what keywords we want to be aligned with, this question came up, and the unfortunate fact is, if we don’t use this word, the other options are slim pickings. “Micro-actions”? “Micro-giving”, at the obvious risk of sounding just like Industry standards like “volunteer” just don’t sound sexy to me by comparison, but maybe that’s just what we need.


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I was just wondering who you are…who is writing the blog?

I left a message on a page where the Scott’s Raffle info is.

Keep up the good work here.

Comment by Time4Truth

Time4Truth, thanks for the comment on Raffle Mansion! I’m Sylvia, the main contributor to this blog (although other Charity CHAMPS team members have helped out as well). Brief team bios are at We’re currently competing for funding at the Aviva Community Fund; if you can spare a second a day to vote for us please let me know! I’ll add you to our special task force. =)

Comment by sylvng

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