Charity CHAMPs – get involved with microphilanthropy now! makes giving back easier by sylvng
May 2, 2010, 2:40 pm
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We’ve been talking to the founders of about possible collaboration with Charity CHAMPS, and recently they just launched their new Beta site, so check it out! They have a great model for volunteer work. If you have a particular skill and want to use it towards doing good, just offer your services up on their site. People who are looking to hire your  skills will come and pay you for your services, and the money goes to a charity of your choosing.

So here’s an example. Say you love baking and want to use your baking skills to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Well the society probably doesn’t have any volunteer positions for resident baker, but there probably is somebody out there looking for some baking, like for a wedding perhaps. So you post up your baking services, designate that the proceeds will go towards the Canadian Cancer Society, and a couple planning to get married gets to have a wedding cake that gives back. It’s a win-win situation!

Best of all, skills don’t have to professional ones, so think outside the box! Instead of offering accounting or graphic services, you can offer to do gardening, painting, or anything else that you find fun! My co-worker offered to be a designated driver, and will be partying with a group of new friends for an evening, while generating a nice donation for a charity. Ingenious.

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This looks pretty cool. This could really change how people think about volunteering in general. No more stuffing envelopes!!

Comment by Chris

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