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Microphilanthropy org list

Charity CHAMPS is here to encourage the public to participate in microphilanthropy, but there are more ways to get involved than we can ever blog about, so here’s a compiled list of ways that you can do good with just a little bit of money or time. With your spare minutes between meetings, dinner parties, and surfing Facebook, visit one of these sites – and make a difference. The organizations listed here are in no particular order, but we would like to know which ones are your favourites. Vote here.

If you know of other ways to get involved that we don’t have listed here, give us a shout!

Note – this page is still under construction. Thanks for your patience!

Social action sites

Socialactions A huge database of microphilanthropy actions that you can search and get involved with, including small and unique local volunteer opportunities such as reviewing resumes for distressed individuals, signing petitions, pledging actions and making microloans.
Causecast A platform connecting media, philanthropy, social networking, entertainment and education to inspire good. Earn “kudos” for participating in the community, from blogging to uploading videos, reaching out to celebrities, and exchanging goods on the Kudos Marketplace.
Squidoo Create a squidoo webpage on any topic you like and collect the ad money for charity! Automatically 5% of the proceed goes towards charity, the other 45% is used to cover squidoo’s costs, and the rest is yours to do as you please.
Justmeans Ever wanted to talk to companies about their social and environmental impact? Do it at Justmeans. Justmeans is a LinkedIn with a socially responsible twist, where you can find and socially responsible jobs, support various causes posted by companies, and share with others what good work you’re doing right now.
BuddyCrossing A free social networking and microblogging platform powered by 100% green energy that plants a tree for every new user. Probably the best site to go to if you want to focus on a specific cause. Each cause, like global warming, has a whole community on, with ton of media for you look at, and discussions and actions for you to participate in. Join the cause and meet “guides”, experts in the field who you can turn to if you have burning passions about your specific cause.
Kaboom A site founded to rally people to create and improve playspaces for children. If you have a few hours, help spruce up a playground near you by doing a side project, such as doing paintings, putting up a chalk board, and more! Under the 100,000 spaces in 100 days program, add a playspace to the database, and get $1 donated to a cause of your choosing. October 24, 2009 is the international day of climate action. And 350 is the parts per million level of of CO2 in the atmosphere that is safe for humanity. Join and start your own action on October 24 to fight climate change. The action is up to you – teach people about climate change, support better foods, sponsor a run – use your imagination!
Celsias “Climate change is not a spectator sport”, so get involved at Celsias, where you can pledge and do easy actions like covering your pots while cooking and drying clothes on a line instead of in a machine. Add your own actions, take on projects with a group of friends, apply for green jobs, and look up companies who are committed to helping the environment. Have you ever watched the TVO television series Get Involved that showcases inspirational stories of people who are making a difference in their communities or through their work? Well, is the companion to the TV series; they have a great community with microactions (or challenges) that you can post or commit to do.
Challenge Your World Your ideas can change the world, and Challenge Your World is there to help. You’ll find a space where ideamakers and emerging entrepreneurs can get support, resources, and feedback. It’s essentially an online innovation center, with the goal of balancing of social, environmental, and economic concerns. Just post your idea, and the community will give you feedback, and you can engage in discussions about implementation.
Volunteer From Home Help From Home has over 450 home based volunteering opportunities that inspire and encourage people to do things that help others. All the volunteer opportunities are easy to perform, involve no ongoing commitment, cost nothing or very little to complete, take no more than 30 minutes to accomplish, and if possible, be capable of actually being done whilst still dressed in your pyjamas. Some examples: install free software to help fight cancer with your pc, make a very seriously ill child smile with just a letter or an email, and joining a Virtual March on global warming.

Click-to-donate sites

BetterTheWorld Pick a charity you want to donate to, download a browser sidebar, view some ads as you surf the web, and watch as the ad money goes toward your designated charity! Super easy, and you can have the sidebar running whenever you want.
Freerice Play a word game to increase your vocab, and for every answer you get right, 10 grains of rice is donated toward the UN World Food Program. Total donated to date is over 2.1M pounds of rice!
Care2 Another great community to join if you’re looking to make a difference – it has everything, from links to click to donate sites, to petitions for you to start and / or sign, to free e-cards that generate a donation to save 1 square foot of rainforest. Get “kudos” for work done, and even win the weekly “yes-you-can” challenge and get featured on the homepage!
Clicks 4 Cancer 70% of the ad revenues and commissions generated from you using Clicks 4 Cancer’s portal go toward cancer organizations such as the American Cancer Society and Cancer Research Institute. Thinking of booking a trip, signing up for a video rental program, or buying some electronic gadgets? Do it with Clicks 4 Cancer and raise around $7-10 for charity!
Ripple A click-to-donate site where you can either click on banners or do a Google search to send 100% of ad revenues to charity. What’s great about this is site is that it’s very easy to follow, and your impact is directly known. One click can give a person 6 days of access to clean water, or 2 days of access to education, or finance a $100 loan for a day. Just go to the site and do the 1 click – that’s all it takes!

Micro-donation sites

PositiveChange is looking to make big change towards alleviating poverty, using pocket change. Donate in small amounts to specific poverty alleviation projects, such as stocking local food shelves.
12for12k A 12 month campaign featuring 12 charities (1 per month), with a goal of raising (you guessed it) $12k per charity. In March they raised over $15k for Share Our Strength.
Microgiving A micro-donation platform matching donors and recipients. Donate to in any amount you want to some awesome causes, from flood relief to cancer care to individual family aid. Watch as the fundraising bar makes its way towards completion for certain projects, and if you’ve got a project, add it to the site to start collection donations!
My1percent An organization that encourages you donation 1% of your annual salary towards bettering the environment. Pick from a network of credible environmental nonprofit organizations to give to, and in return get to track your progress towards your annual donation goals and receive itemized receipt for your reference and tax purposes.
1DollarClub Make a difference with only $1! Help the 1dollarclub reach its goal of hitting $10 million fundraised dollars by 2010. Donate to selected charities such as Doctors Without Borders and Shelter for Life.
GlobalGiving A site funded by the Omidyar Network that connects donors with community based projects that need support. The site is truly global – use it’s map to drill down to projects, then make donations in any denomination you like, with 10% going to fund GlobalGiving’s operations.
SmallCanBeBig A Massachusetts based organization that partners with local charities to provide aid to local families in need. Read family stories and donate as little as $1 to help the ones that pull at your heartstrings.
Facebook Causes A Facebook application where you can support causes, either by joining causes,making donations, or fundraising. Feature your causes on your Facebook page to help spread the word, and if your cause isn’t there – add it! Causes range from serious ones like Make Poverty History to more fun ones like supporting Swedish underwear models.

Micro-lending sites

Kiva A microfinance organization that has loaned over $27M to entrepreneurs in the developing world. Lend in amounts starting from $25 to help someone stride towards economic independence. Loans usually last from 6-12 months and the overall default rate is 2.1%.
One Acre Fund A fund based in Chicago that manages micro-lending to improvished farmers in East-Africa. An investment of $240 (or $20 a month) supports one family of 5.
Epic Change Similar to other microlending sites, Epic Change collects donations in small amounts from people like you. But instead of you directing the money into the hands of a lender, Epic Change makes the loans to organizations that promote positive change in communities, and then work with the organization to develop incoming generating projects that can be used to re-pay the loan. Every $10 buys a brick to build a classroom in Tanzania.

Shop for good sites

Shop Causes Unlike the other sites listed here, Shop Causes is a Facebook application, making it super easy for you to help spread the word about shopping for good. Aside from allowing a part of your online purchase to go back to charity, you can also see which of your friends have used the application, and see which causes are the most popular – 2 things that you can’t do with the other sites.
WeDrink WeDrink’s model is simple. Buy a metal water bottle from them, and not only do you help save the world from the scourge of plastic bottles, but half of each sale goes to charity, enough to supply one child with clean drinking water for up to 10 years! Choose from aluminum and steel bottles of various sizes. All PBA free.
WorldofGood At WorldofGood, you can shop for products that are guaranteed to do the planet some good – pick from Eco Positive, People Positive, Animal Friendly, or Supports a Cause items to aid thousands of marginalized artisans around the world.
Giving Tree GivingTree offers gift cards that give back. Purchase the gift card in denominations of $25 to $250 on their website, and 1 of two things can happen: 1) the recipient of the card picks an organization from 1.5 million registered non-profits to receive 10% of the value of the card as a donation or 2) you choose a co-branded card with a specific charity, in which case the 10% goes directly to the charity that you pick as the card sender.
Changing the Present Give a gift that makes a difference by picking from Changing the Present’s extensive catalog of gifts that change the world. Choose from gifts such as 40 acres of coffee or an hour of advocacy. Add a personalized greeting card before sending to a friend, who’s going to be very happy with your gift. Alonovo is an intelligent marketplace, partnered with independent research firms like KLD Research & Analytics to provide you with information on the companies behind the everday purchases you make. Alonovo will tell you when you buy something through them (use the company search) whether you’re about to support fair labour, recycling, the local economy, etc., so that not only can you made an informed decision about what you buy, but you can send a message to the companies out there that you do care about how their actions impact the world. What’s more, Alonovo contributes 50% – 100% of what they earn to a charitable cause of your choice.
ChristmasFuture Want to give holiday gifts that matter? ChristmasFuture lets you buy online gift cards to send to your friends and family. The gift recipient chooses from a wide array of poverty-eradication projects to give toward using the value of the gift card.
Arual-Mall Started by a mother who named the site “Arual” in rememberance of her daughter (Arual is her daughter’s name spelled backwards). The Arual Mall is based in the UK and contains goods for sale from online merchants such as Amazon and eBay. 1/3 of all commissions go toward the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). The site carries goods from media to health and beauty products, so if you’re thinking of buying online anyway, check them out – it doesn’t cost you any extra but it gives to charity at the same time.

Travel for good sites

Travel 4 Charity Travel 4 Charity works in cooperation with World Vision Germany; if you make a booking going through their site (you can choose from agents like Expedia,, etc.), the commission for the sale will go toward World Vision’s work in Ethiopia.
Travel Only For Charity Travel Only For Charity has a bunch of charity programs. For each travel booking you make 1% of your fare will be donated, if you host a destination event (my guess is that even a destination wedding would qualify) and a mimimum of $100 will be donated, or you can sign up for the TravelOnly rewards program and a donation will be made as well.
Wright Charity Travel Wright Charity Travel gives 50% of their commission on your travel booking back to any charity of your choosing. You’ll have to fill out a form which is slightly more hassle, but that’s a small price to pay for being able to designate exactly where you want the money to go.

Do something for good… uncategorized sites

ReplyForAll Do you have waaaaay too many emails in your inbox? Or do you send too many emails in one day to keep count? Well for once that’s good news. With ReplyForAll you can fundraise for a cause using your signature! Just go to the site and pick what you want to support (curing cancer, stopping AIDs, providing clean water, and fighting global warming to name a few). Then sign up to create a custom email signature that includes a banner ad. Sponsors pay for you to see the ads, and the proceeds go to your cause.
Raffle Mansion If you’re looking to give to charity in a different sort of way, check out Raffle Mansion. It’s an online mansion raffling site where proceeds go to charity. You can purchase a raffle ticket for as low as $10 and get a chance to win some amazing properties, from beach houses in Florida to dream homes off the coast of Spain. If exotic places aren’t your thing they also have regular houses up for the taking.

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I’ve been recommended that I contact you by another philanthropic organization, I was wanting to let you know about a campaign called Twixtmas which has been set up to improve the world a little bit. Hopefully all those that take part mean the little improvements add up to something meaningful.

The idea of Twixtmas is that, in the five days between Christmas and New year, we encourage people to do five things to make the world a better place. Each day has a theme, helping yourself, someone else, a friend, the planet and doing something for your future. You can find out more at or follow us on Twitter: @twixtmas. This is only the second year we’ve run the campaign, and we’d be grateful for any support or mentions on your site.

Comment by Thomas Atcheson

Hi Kevin and Team,
Just wanted to let you know that is live! We profile amazing grassroots projects from corners across Canada, including our northern-most communities. You can read about the cool people leading these projects (all of which needs less than $5000 to do some BIG), support them with time or money and connect with them or view their video reports.
Looking forward to the launch of Charity Champs!

Comment by Mary McGrath

You may also want to know about the site (formerly ChristmasFuture). This group is interested in helping to end extreme poverty through small donations in the form of smart gifting. The premise being we do everyday activities to help change the world. In this case we all give gifts, North Americans (mostly) have enough stuff… and so people can buy smart uend-style gifts, choose where 100% of their gift goes from a database of grassroots sustainable community development projects delivered by trustworthy organizations. Check it out.
I have subscribed to your feed as many of the issues of which you speak are relevant for me and my work. keep up the great discussion. If you suggestions of other microphilanthropy or microcredit sites I would appreciate it.

Also there will be a microcredit conference in Calgary Sept 11, one day of learning from the sources about the where, whys and hows of microcredit.

Comment by Kim

Yeah it would help if I read all of the article above. Oh well please note the new name for ChristmasFuture as UEnd Foundation (as in U can End poverty)- same good work.

Comment by Kim

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