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Have an idea that can change the world? Check out by sylvng

Have you ever sat around with friends discussing how this world could be a better place? Did you end up with some darn good ideas that you would love to see happen, but don’t know how to go about doing it? If that’s the case then check out Challenge Your World.

Your ideas can change the world, and  Challenge Your World is there to help (just like Home Depot’s “you can do it; we can help” motto). You’ll find a space where ideamakers and emerging entrepreneurs can get support, resources, and feedback. It’s essentially an online innovation center, with the goal of balancing of social, environmental, and economic concerns. Just post your idea, and the community will give you feedback, and you can engage in discussions about implementation. This summer Challenge Your World is going to award the 20 most promising ideas with a pack of welcome books; all you have to do is post your idea and be one of the first ideas to reach 20 “thumbs ups”.

Even if you don’t have a whole bunch of ideas lined up it’s fun to read other people ideas and post comments. It’s about challenging the status quo and challenging yourself – all to make the world a better place. And if you know of good books on sustainable business, recommend them to the community and get a chance of winning a free copy for yourself. For more details visit the Summer Welcome Kit page.

The most popular page on this blog by far is the list of microphilanthopy organizations that I’ve complied over the months. If I ever have the time, I’d love to add a column to show where each organization is based, because as a Canadian I’ve found that some of the sites aren’t friendly towards non-American users. And while most of the organizations are US-based, I’m proud to say that Challenge Your World is Canadian!

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