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Do some good, win a mansion by sylvng
May 17, 2009, 3:33 pm
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I’m always on the look out for cool microphilanthropy models, and just yesterday I came across one that does something very novel. It sells mansions, advertises charities, and fundraises all at the same time. It’s called Raffle Mansion, and here’s how it works. Mansion owners give a price for mansions that they’d like to sell.  A charity can then browse through a catalog of the mansions, and pick one to sponsor in a raffle event. A public online raffle then takes place. If enough money is raised to cover the cost of the mansion and profit for the charity, then the charity buys the mansion from the owner, and gives it to the raffle winner. If not, then the raffle is turned into a 50/50 draw, where all the raffle money is split into 2, half going to the mansion owner, and the other half going to the charity. Regardless, a successful fundraiser takes place for the charity at no cost. Raffle Mansion handles all the advertising for the event, paid for by the mansion owner, who gets to 1) do some good, 2) use Raffle Mansion’s photo and video services, and 3) have a guaranteed minimum sale price.

The cool part about Raffle Mansion for people like me is that I can purchase a raffle ticket for as low as $10 and get a chance to win some amazing properties, from beach houses in Florida to dream homes off the coast of Spain. Look at some of these photos – they’re irresistible! So if you’re looking to give to charity in a different sort of way, check out Raffle Mansion. If exotic places aren’t your thing they also have regular houses up for the taking.

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